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AO EXCLUSIVE: Netflix surprises fans with upcoming Korean original series, sitcom, and films soon on screen!

The year 2021 is not yet done with its first quarter, yet Netflix is all geared up to dropping more bombs for viewers!

In an exclusive digital press conference of Netflix called See What’s Next Korea 2021 aka See What’s Next Netflix on the early morning of February 25, the world’s leading streaming entertainment service surprised fans with upcoming Korean original series, sitcom, and films soon on screen.

Netflix Vice President Kim Minyoung initially shared that for the current year, they are all set to give overwhelming happiness and entertainment to the audience; for them to discover and enjoy more Korean content.

Adding how thankful they are for the success of their Korean content around the world, reaching various viewers, allowing them to set the bar too high and widen its fame, despite the fact that all of these are released in the Korean language.

After how many years, Netflix is officially changing the game by officially producing Netflix original films this year, collaborating with Korean creators, beginning with Carter and Moral Lesson.

Through this, they aim to empower and promote more Korean creators and share what they have gotten to the audience worldwide.


The Netflix Film Carter is a chase thriller about an agent suffering from memory loss and thrown into the middle of a mysterious mission. Carter is helmed by director Jung Byunggil, whose skilled hand has produced many unique action films. Carter, his collaboration with Netflix, is expected to present a cathartic experience for viewers with high-quality, difficult to execute, nonstop action scenes.


Moral Lesson

The Netflix Film Moral Sense (WT) depicts a different kind of romance between a man with unusual tastes in sex and a woman who inadvertently learns about them. It is based on the hit webtoon by the same name, which has the main character under the humorous and suspenseful premise of hiding his unusual sexual proclivities from his colleagues. Veteran romance director Park Hyunjin will lead the production with her keen insight and experience in the genre. She is expected to unleash her full command of genre-specific knowledge in an unfolding thrilling romantic development between a man with a secret he doesn’t want to reveal to anyone and a woman who discovers it.


As exciting as it is, the streaming entertainment service also unveiled the upcoming eight Netflix Korean original series and sitcom, along with the early announced Kingdom: Ashin of the North, Hellbound, Squid Game, and The Silent Sea!

See complete details per title below provided by Netflix.

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Love Alarm Season 2

  • To be released on March 12, 2021;
  • Starring Kim Sohyun, Jung Garam, Song Kang, Ko Minsi, and Kim Sieun;
  • Directed by Kim Jinwoo; and
  • Set in a world where a notification on an app called “Love Alarm” becomes the only indicator of love, Love Alarm season 2 is a Netflix original series about a girl who cannot trigger Love Alarm and two guys with an unabashed love for her trying to figure out how she feels. The new season will explore the unresolved feelings of the first love of Jojo, Sunoh, and Hyeyeong and capture various aspects of a society where the number of hearts on Love Alarm becomes so valuable that it affects a person’s social status.

Move to Heaven

  • To be released in the first half of 2021;
  • Starring Lee Jehoon and Tang Junsang;
  • Directed by Kim Sungho; and
  • It is about a young man named Geuru with Asperger’s syndrome and Sang-gu, who becomes Geuru’s guardian, as they start a trauma cleaning business and uncover the stories that are left behind by the deceased.


  • Starring Jung Haein, Koo Kyohwan, Kim Sungkyun, and Son Seokkoo;
  • Directed by Han Junhee; and
  • It follows the story of army private Joonho, one of many soldiers serving in the Korean military, who suddenly ends up becoming a member of the “Deserter Pursuit” unit that tracks down military deserters and encounters the realities of confused young soldiers. The series is expected to balance the tension and thrill of chasing down deserters from the perspective of “soldiers catching soldiers” with shedding light on the mental torment and growth of young people.

My Name

  • Starring Han Sohee, Park Heesoon, Ahn Bohyun, Kim Sangho, Lee Hakju, and Jang Yull;
  • Directed by Kim Jinmin; and
  • About Jiu, who joins the police force as an undercover for a crime organization in order to find the truth about her father’s death and presents fist-clenching suspense of Ji-u’s revenge and the harsh truths uncovered in the process.
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All of Us Are Dead

  • Starring Yoon Chanyeong, Park Jihu, Cho Yihyun, Lomon, and Yoo Insoo;
  • Directed by Lee JQ and Enes Kim; and
  • A webtoon-based series about people who are trapped in a high school where a zombie virus is spreading and those who are trying to save them as extreme situations riddled with surprises unfold.

So Not Worth It (sitcom)

  • Starring Park Sewan, Shin Hyeonseung, Choi Youngjae (GOT7), Minnie ((G)I-DLE), and Han Hyunmin;
  • Directed by Kwon Ikjoon and Kim Jungsik; and
  • About students of diverse nationalities living in the international dormitory of a university in Seoul and portrays their love, friendship, and life adventures.

Paik’s Spirit (Reality series)

  • Starring Paik Jong-won;
  • Directed by Park Heeyeon, Lee Eunkyung, Kwak Chunga, and Lee Jonghyuk; and
  • A Netflix original series where Paik Jong-won sits down for a drink with top Korean celebrities and professionals in various fields to have a conversation about drinking and life. Netflix partnered with Paik to create its first reality series, where the restaurateur introduces Korean alcoholic beverages, food, and culture.

Lee Sugeun: The Sense Coach (Stand-up special)

  • Lee Sugeun; and
  • A Netflix original stand-up special packed with gratifying ad-lib jokes that Lee Sugeun improvises as he coaches, with his acute sixth sense (or nunchi in Korean), members of the audience who often get pushed around and constantly worry about what others think.

Aside from these titles, Netflix also teased the upcoming movie Night in Paradise; below is the given complete information.

Night in Paradise

  • To be released on April 9, 2021;
  • Starring Um Taegoo, Jeon Yeobeen, and Cha Seoungwon;
  • Directed by Park Hoonjung;
  • Circulates on a man targeted by a criminal gang and a woman cornered to a dead end in life.

In the last half of the concluded virtual event, some of the cast members, writers, and directors of Kingdom: Ashin of the North, Hellbound, Squid Game, and The Silent Sea joined the stage to share a glimpse of their series/ movie and discuss their journey.

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Below are the provided details by Netflix.

Kingdom: Ashin of the North

  • Starring Gianna Jun and Park Byungeun;
  • Directed by Kim Seonghun; and
  • A sidequel to the global K-zombie sensation Kingdom that tells the story of “Ashin,” the heiress to a northern Jurchen town, and the secret behind the resurrection plant. Created as a special episode, it is spun off from the story of Kingdom season 2 and depicts what happened in the past to the mysterious character Ashin, encountered by Lee Chang’s group on their northbound mission to uncover the truth behind the resurrection plant.


  • Starring Yoo Ahin, Park Jeongmin, Kim Hyunju, Won Jinah, and Yang Ikjune;
  • Directed by Yeon Sangho; and
  • A webtoon-based depicting supernatural phenomena experienced by people who are condemned to hell after their unexpected encounters with angels of death. The intense series will depict supernatural events that are neither a miracle nor a curse, the rise of a new religious group that interprets the events as the will of the divine, and people trying to survive in the chaotic society.

Squid Game

  • Starring Lee Jungjae, Park Haesoo;
  • Directed by Hwang Donghyuk; and
  • About people who participate in a mysterious survival game with a 40-million-dollar prize at stake. Viewers will find themselves glued to the screen by the tension and suspense from various players desperate enough to participate in a game that could risk their lives and the choices made by people who are pushed to extreme situations.

The Silent Sea

  • Starring Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, and Lee Joon;
  • Directed by Choi Hangyong; and
  • Set in a future where water and food almost run out on Earth due to global desertification, The Silent Sea follows the story of the members of a special team that sets out to a research base on the Moon.

See our full live coverage below.

All photos courtesy of Netflix.

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