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20 K-Pop Songs to Include on Your Next E-numan Session!

Disclaimer: We only included 20 songs out of many out there bes, don’t feel bad if your faves are not included. We will include them next time. Promise!

Virtual drinking parties or locally dubbed as e-numan sessions is the newest trend brought by the pandemic. As much as we want to sing, dance, and meet new people, we’ve been on a lockdown that gave us opportunity to come up with new party ideas! With e-numan sessions, you can simply grab your favorite Jinro soju drink, your favorite chips, and call on your friends!

E-Numan Session Songs To Add On Your Party Playlist

In this article, we have compile 20 song titles from years of 2008-present that you may or may not have encountered throughout your fangirl or fanboy journey. Check them out below and you can simply add them on your playlist too!

1. Any Song – Zico

2. Don’t – Loco, Hwasa

3. Cherry Bomb – NCT 127

4. Touch My Body – SISTAR

5. B-DAY – iKON

6. New Face – PSY

7. Wave – ATEEZ

8. Hold – WINNER

9. Nonstop – OH MY GIRL

10. Beautiful – HIGHLIGHT

11. Dessert – Hyoyeon

12. Skydive – Super Junior

13. Hot Issue – 4Minute

14. Rollin’ – Brave Girls

15. Mr. Simple – Super Junior

16. Beautiful Beautiful – ONF

17. Nunu Nana – Jessi

18. Bubble Pop! – HyunAh

19. Maria – Hwa Sa


Ready to set your next virtual party with your friends? With our current set-up today, you can easily give them a virtual invite! Have a fun time catching up with your friends over a shot of Jinro soju~!

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Don’t forget to drink responsibly!

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