ICYMI: Song Ji Hyo international fans sent heartwarming support to celebrate Song Ji Hyo’s 20th Debut Anniversary

In celebration of 20th Debut Anniversary of Song Ji Hyo, her international fans expressed their love and support by sending her gifts for the entire Month of January .

On the first week of celebration, they greeted the actress through Giant Subway Ad in Apgujeong Station, installed last January 4.

All photos from Song Ji Hyo International (with permission)

Subway Ad message read as:

” Congratulations to your 20th Debut Anniversary, we support all the successes in the future”

The actress also posted and acknowledged their effort by posting a photos of it on her official instagram account saying:

“To International Fanbase! Thank you for Celebrating the 20th Anniversary debut. I feel like i’m going to have a good new year’s day like this!! You always cheer me up so I’m empowered. Everyone, I’ll repay you with warmth”

The following week, they prepared bouquet of roses and a hand craft music boxes.

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Song Ji Hyo as well posted a photos of her looking so genuinely happy and touched by the presents saying:

“To International Fanbase, Thanks to you all a happy January will continue. I won’t forget all thoughtfulness from all!. Its getting colder so always wear warm clothes.”

The celebration has not ended there, they sent Song Ji Hyo a 30×40 inches mosaic frame with Ji Hyo’s magazine/poster pictures from 2001 to 2020 as for her Third present. With the phrase saying :

“Thank you for being with us for 20 years”

Lastly, they sent her an adorable hand made clay dolls set on the fourth week of celebrating Ji Hyo’s Debut Anniversary. This is for letting her know that they appreciate her versatility as an artist and that they love every aspects of her, specially as an actress.

The presents were successfully delivered to the actress and look how she really treasure it so much in her instagram post below.

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Moreover, Song Ji Hyo debuted as a model for Kiki Magazine in 2001, she then started her acting career in 2003 in the horror film Wishing Stairs, her popularity rises in 2006 in the drama series Princess Hours.

It was 2010 when she became a member of the hit variety show Running Man and she still an active member until now.

With Song Ji Hyo’s charm, versatility in acting, her undeniable natural beauty and her soft and beautiful soul, undoubtedly captivates the heart of many.

Congratulations to Song Ji Hyo’s International Fanbase for the successful fan project in tributing and celebrating the 20th Debut Anniversary of Song Ji Hyo. Fighting for your future projects for her.

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