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AO EXCLUSIVE: 7 most surprising twists from “Vincenzo”

Good news, Netflix Philippines has chosen The Annyeong Oppa to publish an exclusive article for everyone to read.

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Vincenzo’s tale of an Italian mafia lawyer is entertaining viewers worldwide. From badassery to eccentric humor, Vincenzo has a little bit of everything. Adding on to the fun of a lawyer who gives the bad guys a taste of their own medicine are the surprising twists and turns in the story. There is a fun mixture of unpredictable and wacky events that delight us each week. Check out some of the most surprising moments so far!

1. What happened to Mr. Cho

Mr. Cho (Choi Youngjun) being forced to sign over Geumga Plaza to Babel Group was not necessarily surprising. However, immediately getting hit by a truck of doom was a slight surprise. Even more surprising was him actually surviving the collision!

Despite the near death experience he had, Mr. Cho continues to help Vincenzo (Song Joongki) as they try to figure out a way to get the fortune of gold hidden below the building. However, there might be some trouble ahead with Vincenzo prioritizing taking down Babel over getting the gold.

2. How far Choi Myunghee went

It was obvious Choi Myunghee (Kim Yeojin) was going to be on the bad guys’ side, but who knew she would be so vicious? The zumba lover ordering the hit on Hong Chayoung’s (Jeon Yeobeen) father revealed how far she’s willing to go. If she’s fine with being responsible for the death of one person, she probably does not have any qualms about killing more people.

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She’s met a match in Vincenzo, but she is eager to keep fighting. Given her antagonistic relationship with Hong Chayoung, you can expect some more dirty tricks up her sleeve.

3. Jang Joonwoo being the real head of Babel Group

In the first few episodes, we only see the cute and bumbling side of Jang Joonwoo (Ok Taecyeon). His feelings for Hong Chayoung and him riding around on an electric scooter were pretty endearing. The reveal of him being the intimidating head of Babel Group was shocking to say the least.

He is quite unhinged whenever things do not go his way, and he is a chilling character who even killed his own father. 

4. The Wasps in the Courtroom

In order to postpone the case involving Babel Chemicals, Team Geumga went all out. Hong Chayoung pretending to faint and Mr. Cho causing the lights to go out were somewhat standard moves.

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However, releasing wasps to disturb the courtroom was definitely an original idea. Dousing the judge with honey water and getting him stung in the face was quite genius and oh so amusing. Here is to looking forward to some more unconventional twists in the series!

5. Vincenzo outsmarting Babel and Wusang

With Wusang interfering with witnesses for the case against Babel Chemicals, Hong Chayoung and Vincenzo schemed a way for the Italian lawyer to be a surprise witness. They make sure he is a witness that cannot be rejected and obtain a vital piece of evidence.

Another nice twist was the fact that their medical expert witness is the wife of the corrupt medical expert on Babel Group’s side. Vincenzo has outsmarted his enemies before, but this was surprising given how hopeless their situation had seemed.

6. Jang Joonwoo’s killing spree

We know Jang Joonwoo is a force to be reckoned with but it was both surprising and chilling to see him kill a prosecutor himself, and with a hockey stick no less. It even shocked his brother and his lawyers. He also had Gil Jongmoon and the people protecting him killed.

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However, the worst part was when he had the families of the victims murdered and made it look like a suicide. Jang Joonwoo is having fun while hiding his identity and playing god. Who will he eliminate next?

7. Geumga Fam having hidden skills

In earlier episodes, we saw the people of Geumga Plaza shy away from gangsters and avoid confrontation. Lee Cheolwook (Yang Kyungwon) talked big about his fighting skills, but never proved them until intruders entered Vincenzo’s home. It seems like the pawnshop couple are former athletes with Cheolwook being versed in judo and his wife showing some weightlifting moves.

It was even more surprising when we saw dry cleaner Tak Hongsik (Choi Dukmoon) expertly pierce bad guys with his scissors. There is definitely more to the people of Geumga Plaza than meets the eye.

Which twists surprised you the most? We are only halfway through the series, so there is bound to be more shocking developments ahead! Do not miss out on the fun and watch Vincenzo, only on Netflix!

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