8 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Meow, The Secret Boy”

If you are looking for something light and sweet to watch, not too serious but will definitely be worth your time, then this one is for you!

1. We All Need Something Sweet.

After watching the first two episodes I definitely felt light and happy. It has the right mixture of funny moments mixed with a pinch of angst and bitterness and a lot of sweetness.

Don’t worry, it didn’t come out too cheesy. But the scenes I have watched definitely left me smiling and laughing. It is light to the brain and warm to the heart. Also called as Welcome. The story was from a webtoon.

2. The Cat.

The Cat has the charm of it’s own. The way it would look at Sol Ah. Trust me, if you are not a Cat Lover, you would be after watching this drama. 😜 Who wouldn’t love our Hong Jo?

3. Kim Myung-soo: An Angel, A Cat.

After capturing our hearts as an Angel, he is back as a Charming White Cat. His innocent looking eyes and dimpled smile will definitely make your heart flutter. The way he looks like he is looking at you and not Shin Ye-eun will be memories that will be stamped in your mind; the aftermath of the sweet time you spent watching him. Trust me when I say you just can’t get enough of him.

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4. Shin Ye-eun : A Police Officer, An Artist.

This would be the second drama I have watched with her on it. The first one is He Is Psychometric where she played the challenging role of a daughter with a father who was a murderer.

After watching it, she definitely became a memorable actress for me. Her role in this drama suited her charms. She is the ying and Myungsoo is the yang. She compliments the smile Myungsoo gives. Her bubbliness and kindness combined with her awkwardness is her perfect recipe to her charm.

You will smile when she smiles and feel sad when she’s sad. Because deep inside you understand how she feels.

5. We All Need A Woodcutter and a Prince.

Yep he’s the one and only Seo Ji-Hoon. His cold demeanor will not push you away. Instead it will draw you closer to him. It makes you want to protect him from all the demons he hides. Makes you want to help him heal from the invisible scars that only he can see.

He can make you angry at one moment and them make you smile with a surprise that’s not suppose to mean anything. He is that one person you will convince yourself not to fall in love with but no matter how hard you deny, no matter how hard you try, you know that he will definitely stay there right in the middle occupying a very big space in your heart.

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6. A Cute Little Side Love Story.

As introductions are made with the lead characters. This side love story is the cherry on top. I just saw a glimpse of it and I am definitely looking forward for more. The leading lady for this story really got my curiosity. Who is she? I’m excited to know her story.

7. Yellow Umbrellas.

Yes, Umbrellas with an “S”. Hahaha! There is really something about yellow umbrellas and “Oppas”. Actually Any umbrella would do in the K-drama world. But there is this American series that I love so much called “How I Met Your Mother”, which made the yellow umbrella meaningful for me. And to be able to see what the yellow umbrella did in this drama.

I would definitely conclude that seeing not one but two yellow umbrella is the answer to finding your “Oppa”. 😊✌️ Kidding aside, I really love the Yellow Umbrella scene. You would know I am right when you see it. 😉 Of course I will give you a tiny bit of a spoiler. ✌️

8. Sarang.

There was term used in this drama that I am really having a hard time looking for. The translation in the subtitle said “Beodul Love“. Sorry I tried so hard to really get what they were saying to really define what they meant by it. I only know the part about a Willow Tree, I don’t how I got there but if you know what is the correct term they used please comment and so my mind will be put to ease. 😊🙏 But since I came across a Willow Tree (Again I am not really sure how I got there) let me share what I found over google.

“The willow tree encourages the expression of deep emotions, including grief, sadness and tears. It teaches us the value and consequences of love and loss. The willow tree teaches that even through great loss we have the ability to grow, and there is always the potential for something new.”

©(Willow Tree)

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With this meaning I can feel the kind of love Kim Sol-Ah (Shin Ye-Eun) can offer to Lee Jae-Sun (Seo Ji-Hoon). Will Kim Sol- Ah be able to have that kind of love? Who will be able to give that to her? Would it be from Hong Jo (Kim Myungsoo)? Someone who is there for her without her knowing. Or from Lee Jae-Sun? Someone she always looks at from afar.

Let’s join Kim Sol-Ah with her adventure in finding herself and the love she deserve to have. 💜

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