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20 Things about Kim Myungsoo that you should know

INFINITE‘s Kim Myungsoo is getting much dashing nowadays. It seems that as he gets older, he is also becoming more attractive than ever.

In fact, many fans have been noticing his undeniable good visuals. Additionally, various people have also been recognizing him and his talents.

Photo credits to Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Last March, we have already shared an article titled Get to Know INFINITE’s Kim Myungsoo. Wherein, we featured eight funny and lovely facts about him.

With the nearing end of the ongoing Korean drama of Myungsoo; why not we take this opportunity to know him even more? Saying that, below are the 20 things about him that you should know!

1. He plays guitar

Aside from being great actor, singer, and dancer, Kim Myungsoo can also play guitar. One of the memorable moments when he played the instrument is when they’re performing In the Summer.

2. Can dive and swim well

Did you know that Kim Myungsoo is so good in diving and swimming (6:10)? He is awesome and talented, right? Can you even see how proud Hoya is upon watching him do that? Good job, Myungsoo!

3. He is friends with Kim Minseok

Kim Myungsoo and Kim Minseok are really good friends. They have this show in INFINITE‘s V Live account that you can watch. They’re closeness is so cute and good! You can even see Myungsoo’s excitement when Minseok is around.

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4. L

Photo from allkpop

Kim Myungsoo’s stage name is L.

5. Cold City Guy

Photo from allkpop

Cold city guy is one of the nicknames which Kim Myungsoo has.

6. Cute and funny moments

Clips credit mentioned in the exact video

Sometimes, you’ll wonder who’s in front of you—is it L or Kim Myungsoo? Whether the answer is the first or the last one, it is still so amusing to see many sides of him.

7. Amazing stage presence

Kim Myungsoo and the rest of INFINITE members have that stage presence that can truly amaze fans. When you watch them perform, you’ll surely get so proud of them and their talents. Just wow!

8. Part of sub unit INFINITE F

INFINITE F is a sub unit of the K-pop group INFINITE. It is composed of three members named Lee Sungyeol, Kim Myungsoo, and Lee Sungjong. They have songs that you can watch and listen to in Woollim Entertainment’s official YouTube channel.

9. Fan meeting

Kim Myungsoo held his first even solo fan meeting last 2018. Sadly, Philippines wasn’t included in the list. Nevertheless, many fans were so happy in seeing him up close and watching him perform live.

10. Concerts

Photo credits to Woollim Entertainment

INFINITE held their two concerts in the Philippines already. Once in 2013 and another one in 2015. Which means, Kim Myungsoo has met his fans twice before in an event.

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11. Good photographer

Kim Myungsoo is so great in taking photos. He captured several sceneries and things that you can check out on his Instagram account.

12. Cat

He takes good care of a cat named Byeol. It has various photos on his Instagram account that you can visit.

13. He can drive well

From 3:21 in the video, you can watch Kim Myungsoo driving for his fellow members. Look how happy they are getting a drive from lovely Myungsoo!

14. He sang his ongoing K-drama’s OST

Kim Myungsoo sang one of the OSTs of his ongoing K-drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love. It is titled The Nights that I Miss You; which already gained hundred thousands of views in YouTube with positive feedbacks. Thank you for such a great song, Myungsoo! Indeed, you are so awesome.

15. He likes black

Kim Myungsoo once mentioned that he likes color black and wearing clothes in that color. Even his fellow INFINITE members knew it well.

16. He likes manga and anime

Photo credits watermarked

Kim Myungsoo once mentioned in a show how much he likes manga and anime.

17. Limbo king

Clip credits captioned in the main video

Kim Myungsoo has once proved that he can also be called as Limbo King.

18. Magazine model

Did you know that Kim Myungsoo is also a stunning model? In fact, he has already taken various pictorials for different magazines. Guess what! In every magazine photo of him that is being released, his fans are getting much amazed of him.

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19. Real life angel

Kim Myungsoo is seriously a real life angel. It is not just about his good looks that we can see. Truth to be told, Kim Myungsoo is such kindhearted, polite, courteous, and grateful man. He knows well how to say thank and sorry when needed. Then, he also knows how to praise other people. He smiles, waves, or takes bow when seeing fans, staffs, and other people. Additionally, he is also caring, hard working, and more!

20. Curly hair

Clip credits captioned in the main video

Kim Myungsoo has never kept the fact that his hair is curly. You can see the picture of him with curly hair in 0:12 of the given video from above. Isn’t he so cute?

With all these 20 things about Kim Myungsoo that were mentioned, we hope that it helped a lot for all of you to know him better. Moreover, you can comment the listed things about him that you’re already familiar with even before; then, the things about him which you’re not well aware of. Show us your score, mga bes!

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