Hui, Jinho, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yanan, Yeo One, Yuto, Kino and Wooseok are the members of the South Korean boy group under CUBE Entertainment called Pentagon.

Pentagon is a product of the survival show called Pentagon Maker. They made their debut on October 10 2016 with the release of their mini-album “Pentagon” with “Gorilla” as the title song.

Pentagon is group that’s so versatile, that they can create an amazing kind of music. Their song “Beautiful“, which was produced by Jung Ilhoon of BTOB and included in in their “Ceremony” album, brought out their raw talents.

Aside from their vocal, dancing and rapping talents, Pentagon is also known for composing and producing their own music. Just like what they did with their EP “Demo_01“, with the title track “Like This“.

Hui, the leader of the group, didn’t only produced and composed songs for Pentagon, he also composed several songs for other artists. Sometimes with the help of his team members, another producer or the artists themselves.

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Here are some of those songs:

In 2018 they released one of their fun, and catchy song called “Shine”, which talks about a person who’s unable to say how he felt for the person he loves because he felt that he’s no match for her. The upbeat tune matched with their synchronized dancing, playfulness and boyish charm made the song a household name.

Energetic” by Wanna One
Twilight” by WEi

Their playful MVs continued with  “Naughty Boy” for their “Thumbs Up” mini-album, which displays a lot of playful colors and dance steps.

On the other hand, their song  “Sha la la” from their EP Genie:us, lacks the playfulness that they had for “Shine“.


Humph!” brought back the lively colors. While “Dr. Bebe“, the title song from their first full length album called “Universe: The Black Hall“,shows their different side. The dark theme of the MV has a charm of it’s own, it showed it’s viewers that they can act and not only sing or rap.

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Earlier this year, Pentagon also joined the reality show called “Road To Kingdom” and competed with other boy groups like “The Boyz“, “Golden Child” and “ONF” to name a few.


After the celebration of their 4th Anniversary this year. Pentagon releases their 10th Mini Album called “WE: TH” with a very beautiful title song called “Daisy“.

Painful lyrics wrapped around with delicate music creates the perfect balance of pain and love in a song. A masterpiece that needed a lot of love and support for it to bloom into a beautiful flower just like it’s title.

Their journey from the time they made their debut up to this moment is just amazing and inspiring to witness. One thing that remained through out their journey, is their passion for creating extraordinary stories with their music.

Their relentless hunger to be a better version of themselves led them to create something magnificent and legendary.

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With that let me leave you a quote that I love from their MV of “Daisy“:

“Sorrow lasts a second, but what we share in our Universe is Eternal.” – Pentagon, Daisy

Universe, which of their songs are your favorite?

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