Pentagon is back with their title song Dr. BeBe composed by Pentagon Leader Hui and written together with Pentagon’s maknae Wooseok.

Dr. BeBe concept is kind of scary but sexy. The group was able to pull off another side of them which is a lot different from their previous comeback: ‘Shine’, ‘Naughty Boy’, ‘Humph!’.

The album is composed of 11 songs. It was revealed that Hui and other members wrote a total of 26 songs in 3 months for their full album.” Stan Pentagon mga bes!

Pentagon revealed some facts through their VLive:

Hui: ‘Dr. BeBe’ is the last one I wrote. I finished it in just one day, but the company loves it so much!

Shinwon: Our debut album is “Pentagon” and our 1st full album is “Universe”. Wah! Yokshi~ Pentagon x Universe!(cr: alvvaysptg)

The music video was released on February 12, 2020, at 12 midnight which is new for fans as the usual release is at 6 PM KST. The fan chant guide was later released as well.

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A line from the song summarized the concept and theme of the song and music video: Love, Fall, Hurt, Crazy.

As of this writing, the music video has reached 1.8 Million views and counting! (23hours) Stream pa Universe and Stan Pentagon mga bes!!

Pentagon and Universe are hoping and praying for their first win this comeback. Let’s do our best, Universe!! Stream~ ^^

You can also listen to the full album on Spotify:

Official Music Video

Showcase Performance:

Official Twitter Account: @CUBE_PTG

Official Instagram Account: @cube_ptg

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