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AO EXCLUSIVE: PENTAGON members answered questions from PH for their comeback album, “WE:TH”

PENTAGON held thier online media showcase at Blue Square I’Market Hall Soul, South Korea last October 12.

Wherein, they greeted the media with  warm welcome and smiles on their faces, along with sharing interesting facts about their album, the songs itself, and more.

One of the Annyeong Oppa writers was able to participate in the showcase and her questions were answered by PENTAGON.

Below are the heart warming answers of the members:

1. What is PENTAGON’s goal for the comeback?

HONGSEOK: Our goal is to grow more musically.

SHINWON: I hope our music gets more recognized by the public.

As of writing, PENTAGON’s comeback song “DAISY” has been on top of music charts and streaming sites!

The music video is at 11M views and these are all made possible by the love and support of UNIVERSE (Pentagon’s fandom name).

Pentagon has been doing a lot of #DAISY_CHALLENGE on TikTok with collaborations from different artists, such as Sandara of 2NE1, Eunkwang of BTOB, Chungha, Yohan of WEi, Yoo Seonho, Eric Nam, WOODZ.

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Aside from them, the members of other groups also joined the hype, such as CLC, (G)-Idle, WEKI MEKI, KARD, GOT7, STRAY KIDS, SF9, VICTON, THE BOYZ, TOO, and a lot more!

TikTok ID: @official_ptg

2. How did the group prepare for the comeback now that YANAN is back?

HUI: Physically, it was a hard process, but at the same time it was also very enjoyable.

YANAN: As this was my first comeback after taking a year off, I put all my effort into preparing for it.

We can really see the hard work and passion of PENTAGON on this comeback; Universe are all happy to see that Yanan is finally back!

3. What should the fans expect in this comeback?

YUTO: Probably our visuals (laugh).

KINO: For this comeback, you can expect a more mature PENTAGON. If we used to just go hard with our previous comebacks, this time we are trying to learn how to go easy.

Yuto is totally right! The group’s visuals are on point and no joke!

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In this comeback, we can see that PENTAGON members are sharing the pain and sorrow of the song to the viewers, but the pain will eventually end with the symbol of DAISY as a hope for the happiness that we all deserve.

Let us claim it, DAISY is this song! Let’s have our FIRST WIN, PENTAGON and UNIVERSE!

PENTAGON debuted on October 10, 2016 under Cube Entertainment, with current members Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yanan, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok.

Stream the music video here:

All photos courtesy of Cube Entertainment and MCA Music.

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