Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N of Stray Kids spent a memorable night with Filipino STAYs

Stray Kids

Kmmunity PH Live is a series of shows and virtual hangouts that cater all things about Korean culture brought to us by Globe.

This time they featured Stray Kids, a Korean boy group known for its heartwarming songs, and made the Filipino STAYs experienced an amazing virtual show with its members Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

A show filled with fun games and laughter on the night of October 17 was hosted by Miss Cherish Maningat and it started with the greetings of the Stray Kids members to their Filipino fans.

Moreover, the said show was divided into two segments, the first part is a special live broadcast that can be accessed for free and the second part is a paid broadcast experiencing an Ultimate Stans experience with Stray Kids.

In both parts, Filipino STAYs were given the chance to be closer to the members of Stray Kids.

Questions answered by Stray Kids

The first part of the show started with a question and answer portion to the members which we’ve got to know how passionate Lee Know is in the boxing sport, while Hyunjin shared his love for IU’s songs like Lullaby and Heart.

Felix also talked about how he misses Australia and playing on the beach; Seungmin on the other hand, chose to be a ‘Gyeran Mari’, a scrambled egg rolls if ever he was a Korean dish.

With that, another member playfully asked him if he tastes good, to which he confidently replied yes.

I.N also addressed how he wanted to try different kinds of music and to do different performances with the other members and wishes to be more handsome, but we all know that he already is!

Stray Kids

Stray Kids in a game

Stray Kids also played a lot of games, especially the dream of hearing them saying some Tagalog words and they happily did it with a bonus stance of saying ‘Mahal ko kayo’ to Filipino STAYs.

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After the games, they read some of the comments, messages, and questions sent by STAYs on the chatbox that made us know them well, their hobbies, and plans in the future – part with it is their wish to have their own concert soon.

I.N also wanted to visit several countries including the Philippines while Hyunjin shared that his hobby is taking photos because it makes him happy considering that he is the Stray Kids photographer; Felix being sweet added that it makes him happy just being with the other Stray Kids members.

In addition, a heartfelt video presentation made by Filipino STAYs were shown on the stage for the Stray Kids to watch where they extend their utmost support and appreciation to the group and even greeted Lee Know in advance for his birthday.

Ultimate Stan experience

In the second part of the show is the Ultimate Stan experience of the fans, in which five lucky STAYs got the chance to play a relay game with Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N.

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Stray Kids

Each of the five lucky STAYs were paired up with the five Stray Kids member: Lee Know and Josh, Hyunjin and Jasella, Felix and Mairalou, Seungmin and Samantha, and I.N. and Allyssa.

One of the highlights of the game is how Jasella cheered on Hyunjin as she posted a “Go Baby” signboard on the screen and that ended up being used by the members as they cheered for her as well.

Another highlight is the big cookie Josh, the lucky STAY had that also surprised the Stray Kids and someone even shouted “Go Big Cookie Guy!” and in the end, Jasella and Hyunjin won the game.

Talks about experiences

As they rested, Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N answered more questions sent by their fans.

Hyunjin talked about their first concert where he cried a lot after meeting their fans and he considered it as his best experience since their debut.

Seungmin‘s dream project that he wanted to work on is to be able to sing and dance with their fans as soon as possible.

I.N also talked about how he was able to receive a lot of love and support from beautiful and great people around the world – and it is the best part of being an idol.

For Lee Know, their song “Grow Up” is the song that describes and fits him well and just like the title, he is growing up and developing as a person as well; this earned a teasing from the other members.

Felix, on the other hand, advice to find your passion in life and he thinks that anything you have with passion will always open the doors.

Furthermore, 30 lucky STAYs got a chance to take a picture with them, surely giving an ultimate stan experience to their fans.

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Message to fans

Before the show ends, Stray Kids give some parting message for their Filipino STAYs. (I wrote them as I heard them)

I.N: Thank you for coming here online all of you STAY and we hope to see you soon face to face, hopefully. Thank You!

Seungmin: Thank you for having a great time with us and please look forward to our future activities.

Felix: Hi STAY, hello STAY in Philippines. I just want to say, today was so fun to have to you know play games with our members and also having to read messages, the questions, and see you taking care of us so today was really fun and I hope to see you guys next time so thank you so much.

Hyunjin: Hi Philippine STAY, I hope to see you soon in the future but I always memorizing/remembers the concert in the Philippines. He wants to see you guys so much.

Lee Know: After STAY fans in the Philippines, there’s one thing I’m looking forward to now and it’s going to the Philippines and having our concert there. So as soon as COVID ends, we’ll visit you right away, so stay safe STAYs.

Lee Know, Hyunjin, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N of Stray Kids happily shouted “Kamsahamnida”, “Love You STAY”, “Good Night”, “Bye” and “Thank You” as they ended a memorable night with smiling faces expressing their gratitude to the Filipino STAYs.

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