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18 Again: A heartfelt story about life

“No matter how hard life gets, never regret anything that made you smile.” – Jung Da Jung

JTBC Drama

18 Again is a Korean drama based on the American film titled “17 Again”. The story revolves around a man name Hong Dae Young [Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Do Hyun], whose life and marriage is falling apart. After recieving divorce papers from his wife, Jung Da Jung [Kim Ha Neul] and losing his job, Hong Dae Yong visits his high school and relived his glory days as a potential basketball player. Out of habit, he made a wish as he tries to shoot his last ball on the center part of the basketball court.


Unfortunately, the lights went out before he could see if the ball even made it through the ring. To his surprise, he found his 37 years old self in his 17 year old body.

After watching a few episodes from this drama, I must say that I am happy on how the writer and director was able to make it as their own. Yes, the story may be based on the American film “17 Again” and that you may see glimpses of some scenes in that movie, but the writers and director were able to make changes that made the story a lot more intresting and unique.

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The actors also did such extra-ordinary job in portraying their characters. And these are some of the actors worth mentioning:

Lee Do Hyun – You would really think that he’s an old man. The young and charming warrior we fell in love with in “Hotel Del Luna” becomes a dad. You would definitely love to see how his character matures as the story goes.


Lee Ki Woo – He would definitely get your blood pumping with anger. His devious plots and greediness is just too much. If you were one of the characters in this drama, you would not miss your chance in punching him.


The Cyber loversKim Gang Hyun and Kim Yoo ri. A perfect example of “Do not judge the book by its cover“. Their scenes will definitely make you laugh and smile. One of the scenes I love was having Ko Deok Jin [Kim Gang Hyun] make that catwalk while wearing the most stand out clothes.

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I could go on and on with the casts of this drama but that would be boring.

The strong and kind-hearted Jung Da Jung and the impatient but slow-learner Hong Dae Young – This couple made me realize that you will never know someone’s pain unless you look through their eyes and walk in their shoes. The things they have to give up and the things they have to do for their family.


Instead, let me give you another reasons why this drama is worth-watching.

The background and the music. The drama is filled of beautiful scenery, may it be the sunset back drop as Hong Dae Young confesses his love for Jung Da Jung or a memory of how they happily walk in the rain under a jacket with their youthful smiles. Another scene worth-mentioning is the part where Jang Da Jung and Ye Ji Hoon was sitting on a bench with the pink flowers mixed with yellow leaves in the background. This background made the momentum more beautiful and memorable, specially when the drama’s appealing OST is played.

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Another thing to look forward to are these new faces that are meant for greater things. These rising stars will surely captivate you not only with their visuals, but also with their talents.

Meet Choi Bo Min, Hwang In Yeop, Roh, Jeong Eui and Ryeo Un.

Top L-R: Roh Jeng Eui, Choi Bo Min | Bottom L-R: Ryeo Un, Hwang In Yeop |© JTBC Drama/IQIYI

Everyone can find this drama comforting. It felt like everyone can find a piece of themselves in this drama because it is not only about first loves, or a husband and wife, or a parent to their child/children, or a classmate, or friends — it’s about people. About their dreams, struggles, pains, love, and their happiness.

Hence, because of these reasons, this drama creates a special place in everyone’s heart.

Aside from having these real life scenarios, this drama also has a way of teaching its viewers some lessons in life.

So, if you like a drama with a bit of romance and full of moral stories, glimpse of hope, second chances, and slice of life, then this one is for you!

The drama is available on IQIYI every Tuesday and Wednesday.

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