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AO EXCLUSIVE: PENTAGON is back with “Daisy”, a flower of hope after the pain

PENTAGON members are officially back with their 10th mini album, [WE:TH], on October 12, holding their exclusive press conference on the same day.

The album title [WE:TH] (pronounced as weeth) is a combination of words ‘WE’ and ‘WITH’.

The album consists of 6 tracks with a theme of ‘empathy’ where PENTAGON and UNIVERSE exist for one another, sharing the experiences “we have together as we live on, forever.”

All of the tracks were created by the genius members of PENTAGON themselves, proving their title as ‘self-produced idol group’.

The title track Daisy is a powerful alternative rock track that sings about the feeling you get after a breakup.

When you watch the music video, you will feel the emotional pain that each member portrays which are the feeling of pain, hatred, being lost, confused, and sorrow.

However, eventually, there will always be a new morning— a beginning of a life without hurting; the happiness we get after all the pain.

As pure as a white daisy, everything will be fine, telling us to trust that love will always be beautiful.

It was mentioned during the showcase that PENTAGON’s Kino himself was the one who painted the purple portrait of daisy which was included in the album.

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Truly, this album is PENTAGON’s gift to universe; let us walk through a flowery path together, hand in hand.


01. Daisy
Lyrics by HUI, WOOSEOK
Arranged by NATHAN, yunji

Wishing this track will melt away at least the corners of the molds that love left in your heart.

In this track, daisy is a metaphor for the two contradicting feelings after separation of wishing for ex-lover’s happiness while wishing they would miss you because they can’t find someone better than you. These heartbreaking and realistic sentiments are delivered in a straightforward tone in the lyrics, complementing PENTAGON’s unique musical identity.

02. Beautiful Goodbye

Composed by KINO, NATHAN, HOHO
Arranged by NATHAN, HOHO

As hinted by the title, Beautiful Goodbye is a track with the lingering emotions knowing that the love already ended but wishes to take only the good memories of it.

The emotions crescendo as the track continues and depicts the one’s heart who wishes for beautiful separation attracting the listeners.

03. Nostalgia
Composed by MosPick, WOOSEOK
Lyrics by WOOSEOK
Arranged by MosPick

We live on with many memories and reminiscence and miss those old days that crosses our minds. Nostalgia is like a picture that you sometimes take out to see from an old drawer.

The track is about cherishing times of sadness and laughter for that year, that month, and that day which we will fill throughout our lives.

04. You Like

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Composed by HUI, Minit, WOOSEOK
Lyrics by HUI, WOOSEOK
Arranged by Minit

You Like is a fierce hip-hop dance track that starts with a piano but gives it a twist in genre as it continues. Just like the meaning within the title, listeners would be able to peek at PENTAGON’s new challenge that combined two different yet popular song forms. Low tone voice asking you.

05. Paradise

Composed by KINO, MosPick


Arranged by MosPick

Our very own memory of that starry night, Back to 2008! Paradise is an electronic dance track for those who get nostalgic with the K-POP style back in the late 2000’s, added by PENTAGON’s unique style. While lyrics describe Paradise created by two lovers, strongly pumping beats along with sing-along melody makes it catchier.

06. I’m Here (JINHO Solo) (CD Only)

Composed, Lyrics by JINHO

Arranged by NATHAN, Jun_p

This track is a small gift for my friends who are running towards their dreams, from someone who will always be on their sides.

When people are faced by exhaustion and discouragement, they bring back the old self of the day when they first dreamt of a dream.

“You are doing great, so don’t worry”, a warmhearted voice from PENTAGON’s JINHO hopes to be a comfort for every listener.

PENTAGON debuted on October 10, 2016 under Cube Entertainment, with members Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yanan, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok.

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They were formerly a 10-piece group before E’Dawn departed from PENTAGON in 2018.

They are popular for their undeniably great singing vocal, rap line, and synchronized movements.

It can be remembered that the group visited Philippines last December 31, 2016 as part of TV5’s New Year Countdown event.

Two days before the release of their comeback album, October 10, 2020, the group members celebrated their 4th anniversary together.

We hope that PENTAGON will finally get their first win in this comeback, let us claim it!

Stream the music video below.

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All photos courtesy of Cube Entertainment and MCA Music.

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