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Red Velvet’s Yeri and Pentagon’s Hongseok are confirmed leads in an upcoming web drama

Red Velvet‘s Yeri and Pentagon‘s Hongseok are pairing up for Playlist’s upcoming web drama titled “Blue Birthday.”

The fantasy romance drama tells the story of a girl named Oh Harin. With the help of the mysterious photos her first love left behind, who unfortunately died 10 years ago, she travels between the past and present.

Yeri will portray Oh Harin, a girl who lost her first love 10 years ago. On her birthday, she decided to confess her feeling to her first love, but he took his own life. Her first love’s death left her with great sadness and hardship. 10 years after his death, Harin came across a photo from that birthday and goes back to that day.

Hongseok will play the role of Ji Seojun, Oh Harin’s first love. Contrary to his bright appearance, Ji Seojun has a dark and secretive personality. Oh Harin is his only friend who gives meaning to his life. On the day he also decided to confess his true feelings to Harin, he died unexpectedly in a photo studio.

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Additionally, actors Lee Sang Joon, Kim Kyeol Yoo, and Park Joo Hyun are also joining the cast of the upcoming web drama.

On the other hand, both Yeri and Hongseok previously acted in dramas and movies.

Yeri starred in tvN’s “Drama Stage: Mint Condition” in 2021, and Hongseok debuted as an actor in the 2017 movie “The Love That’s Left”. He also starred in the web dramas “On The Campus”, “Anniversary Anyway”, and “Twenty-Twenty”.

Meanwhile, “Blue Birthday” held its first script reading on April 5.

The web drama will be released this summer.

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