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Recalled: Unfolding the mystery behind the truth | Plot and characters explanation

Recalled starring Seo Ye Ji and Kim Kang Woo is not your ordinary mystery-thriller Korean film. It is one of Korea’s masterpieces in the entertainment industry that would definitely blow your mind.

Recalled MOvie KIm Kwang Seo J Yi
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The film unveils the story of a woman who suffers from amnesia, however weird events occurred when she starts seeing the future as what she believes. Recalled is like playing in our minds. You can never foresee what will happen next and your guesses will bring you into another hint of guesses.

The noir ambiance of the film also added to the intense cinematography that molded the unpredictable twists of events. I am sure you can think of, ‘I didn’t see that coming‘, because no one really imagines it.

Moreover, the casts are also great and well-casted. Seo Ye Ji really suits this genre with her scrupulous acting skills. The other casts also portray their characters well that perfectly fit into the film’s plotline.

Warning: Film’s plot discussion ahead. It contains major spoiler content.

The way on how the story unveils is so spectacular. There are so many movies with the same genre but Recalled can still make a gist out of it. It is simply unique and truly well-written and directed. It tricks the viewers after watching the trailer that she can really see the future and there’s something weird towards his husband, which is her adoptive brother all along.

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Is it hallucinations?

Recalled Korean Movie: Release Date, Cast, Plot & Trailer - Manga News  Network
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Soo Jin, portrayed by Seo Ye Ji doesn’t have the ability to see the future. As her doctor said, she is experiencing hallucinations or temporary delusions due to her accident that made her suffer from amnesia.

As the story unfolds, all the hallucinations she was mistaken as the future were her memories in the past. The two children she always sees were her younger self and her stepbrother, Kim Sun Woo. The murder that happened in the other unit was her experience in the past. It was her, the girl who tried to sell off by her father to the bar whom she unexpectedly killed later on.

Soo Jin’s painful past

                                                                                                 Actors Kim Kang-woo, right, and Seo Yea-ji pose during a press conference for 'Recalled' in Seoul, Thursday. Courtesy of iFilm Corporation, CJ CGV
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Soo Jin has a painful and traumatic past. She has an abusive father and a murder occurred when her father wanted her to work at a bar. Later on, she also married an abusive and possessive husband where she suffered depression.

Her only escape was going hiking with her brother Kim Sun Woo. She was already tired of living her current life and told her brother that she will go to Canada and start over. However, her husband found out about her plans and they got into a fight. Just like what happened to her father, she accidentally killed her husband and her brother was also there to help and protect her.

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Kim Sun Woo’s identity

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The film started with Soo Jin and her husband named Ji Hoon. Her husband seems so caring towards her but it gets weirder when she slowly discovered that her husband lied and seen him doing something suspicious.

This husband turns out to be his stepbrother named Kim Sun Woo. He used Soo Jin’s husband’s identity while she was suffering amnesia to protect her. But they didn’t know that the real Ji Hoon was still alive and wanted to kill Soo Jin.

Protection and love

Ji-hoon, played by Kim Kang-woo is the only person Soo-jin, played by Seo Yea-ji can trust in 'Recalled.'
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Soo Jin suffered a lot of pain, so does Ji Hoon. They both suffered in the misfortunes that had happened in their lives, but he prioritizes her more even if they are just step-siblings.

Talking about the plot and the characters, imagine the amount of love her stepbrother has given towards her, it is invaluable. I was in awe and touched when he was willing to sacrifice everything, particularly on the scene where he was talking to the embassy.

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During Sun Woo’s interview in the embassy, you can see his sincerity. It is okay if he won’t be able to go to Canada as long Soo Jin can go there and start anew. He was always there for Soo Jin and protected her with all his might.

The way he protected her until his last breathe speaks unconditional love. But what kind of love Sun Woo have for Soo Jin? A sibling love or he already developed feelings towards her? It is not clear in the film and it is up to the viewers on how to interpret the sacrifices Sun Woo made for her sister.

In the end, her brother fulfilled his promise to her. He arranged Soo Jin’s immigration to Canada that surely moved the viewers into tears.

Recalled is a masterpiece that you shouldn’t miss. Sending big appreciation to the director, writer, casts, and the whole production staff for this outstanding film!

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