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In the SOOP: A show of freedom and healing for BTS

A webtoon, an upcoming drama, a new album and an upcoming single ‘Dynamite,’ and now a variety show? Projects and releases just keep on coming for ARMYs.

BTS members relaxing and basking in nice weather amidst nature? Doing things they love like reading, fishing, and even sleeping?! With all that’s been happening with these boys’ careers, this will be a fresh take on another content that will surely be well received by fans.

Described as “Time of freedom and healing in a place for BTS, and BTS only,” In the SOOP or forest will be a show that will focus on BTS spending their time for leisure and relaxation. There will also be minimal interaction between the crew and the band members as they go about schedules they have set themselves for the show.

The show will have 8 episodes that will run for 60 minutes each. Preorder is now up on Weverse and will include exclusive behind the scenes for every episode.

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Watch as the members enjoy their time in the teaser below:

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