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INFINITE’s L reportedly to star in an upcoming drama “New Secret Royal Inspector”

After Meow the Secret Boy, INFINITE’s L received an offer to star in an upcoming drama!

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According to the reports from Daily Sports on June 10, Kim Myungsoo will play the main lead role in an upcoming drama New Secret Royal Inspector.

His agency, Management Esang released a statement on the same day stating that the said drama is one of his projects under review and there’s no any confirmation yet.

New Secret Royal Inspector is a historical drama that tells the story of the secret royal inspector, a unique job that existed only in the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

They are government officials who are appointed to be the voice of the people and ears of the king, but they could not reveal their true identity.

Their achievements are close to the realization of justice that many people wanted on the modern day.

The said drama is directed by PD Kim Jung Min and written by writers Park Sung Hoon and Kang Min Sun. It will be produced by iWill Media.

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Moreover, INFINITE’s L was offered to play the role of Sung Yi Gyeom, a secret royal inspector and Junior Sixth Counselor of Hongmungwan.

During the day, he transforms himself into a tajja, enjoying a very ordinary bureaucratic life. While at night, he secretly gambles with the other officials.

When he first entered the palace, his character was a promising talented man who is dedicated to his studies, but as time passed by, he became more interested in martial arts than in learning.

Meanwhile, INFINITE’s L together with INFINITE’s leadernim Kim Sunggyu celebrated INFINITE’s 10th anniversary on June 9 with a live mukbang.

The other remaining members are still in the military but expressed their gratitude through their personal Instagram accounts.

Happy 10th anniversary, INFINITE!

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