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Get to know our Unbreakable Sword, Woo Do Hwan!

Woo Do Hwan unexpectedly stole our hearts with his adorable role of Jo Eun Sub and Jo Yeong in Netflix’s The King: Eternal Monarch. We’re pretty sure you’ve been curious what he’s up to before he joined the drama and wants to know him more!

In this article, we will give you an overview about Woo Do Hwan and his recent projects that you may want to watch!

1. Born and raised in Anyang Province.

He was born on July 12, 1992 in Anyang Province and has a younger sister. Do Hwan’s star sign is Cancer so for our bes who’s astrology experts, you might check if you guys are compatible!

2. He majored in Performance and Film.

Woo Do Hwan is a degree holder. His parents thought he will be a good actor so he went to Dankook University taking up Performance and Film.

3. Managed by KeyEast Entertainment.

Do Hwan is under KeyEast Entertainment, the label founded by actor Bae Yong Joon who gained recognition for his role of Joon Sang in Winter Sonata. He shares the same labels with Princess Hours and Kingdom‘s Ju Ji Hoon and The King: Eternal Monarch‘s Jung Eum Chae. In case you wanna know, KeyEast is also under SM Entertainment.

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4. Debuted 9 years ago.

His first acting role was in 2011 for a small part in You’re Here, You’re Here You’re Really Here. He also appeared in a 2012 drama, Shut Up Flower Boy Band.

However, he started to attract attention when he got nominated for Best New Actor in 2016 for the film, Master.

5. Worked with Park Seo Joon.

Do Hwan starred along with Park Seo Joon and Ahn Sung Ki in the 2019 film, The Divine Fury. The film is an action horror film about an MMA fighter who develops a stigmata and seeks help from a priest to overcome it.

6. He visited Manila already!

His first overseas trip was for a shoot here in the Philippines! It happened while shooting for the 2016 film, Master. Want a proof? Thankfully we were able to find this video:

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7. He’s due to enlist soon.

Unfortunately, Woo Do Hwan is not exempted from South Korea’s Mandatory Enlistment. He is one out of the many actors and idols who’ll enlist for the said Military enlistment this 2020 or early next year.

8. Acting Roles.

Woo Do Hwan’s career went on roll in 2016 where he got a role in Viki’s Dramaworld and played the role of Seung Woo. He then starred in MBC’s Sweet Stranger and Me, movies Operation Chromite and Master made him debut in the big screen.

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By 2017, Do Hwan’s career continue to rise where he won his Best New Actor award for his role as Kim Min Joon for KBS’s Mad Dog. He also earned numerous nominations for the said role alongside his role as Suk Dong Cheol for Save Me.

In 2018, Woo Do Hwan received an Excellence Award for an Actor for Monday-Tuesday Drama for his role as Kwon Si Hyun in KBS’ Tempted.

For 2019 he starred in two movies: The Divine Fury and The Divine Move: Loner. His television drama is with Jang Hyuk, Yang Se Jong and Kim Seol Hyun in a JTBC and Netflix historical drama, My Country: The New Age.

He eventually took the role of Jo Yeong and Jo Eun Sup from Netflix’s The King: Eternal Monarch which gained him a lot of attention with his portrayal of two roles. Adding to this his two roles is his bromance with Lee Min Ho.

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Now that you’ve got to know more about Do Hwan, is he already added to your list of new oppas this year? What revelation about him surprised you the most? And let’s all hope that we’ll get to see more of him before and after his enlistment!

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Images: Woo Do Hwan’s Instagram, KeyEast Entertainment & Outsourced via Google Images.

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