AO Exclusives: Woo Do Hwan working with Lee Min Ho; and feeling of being in a parallel universe

Netflix’ most anticipated drama The King: Eternal Monarch is set to premiere today, April 17!

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The King: Eternal Monarch is the comeback drama of Lee Min Ho alongside Kim Go Eun and Woo Do Hwan.

It is written by Kim Eun Suk, the one who also wrote Goblin and The Inheritors’ storyline.

With this, fans cannot control their excitement towards the drama’s premiere!


The King: Eternal Monarch is a romantic fantasy drama that features two parallel worlds.

Lee Min Ho is taking the role of emperor Lee Gon, he lives during Korean empire.

Kim Go Eun portrays the role of Jeong Tae Eul who lives in the present world as a detective.

She and Lee Gon will try to close the parallel between their world and will fight against evil.

The addition to the amazing cast line up is Woo Do Hwan.

In this drama, he will be playing the role of emperor Lee Gon’s minder.

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Annyeong Oppa Interview

Annyeong Oppa was given the chance to interview the cast members of The King: Eternal Monarch through video conference.

To highlight the said conference, this article will focus more on the interview with actor Woo Do Hwan.

We asked Woo Do Hwan about his dream role, how is it working with the bromance with Lee Min Ho, and the feeling of being in a parallel universe.

Below are the answers he has given us!

He said, “I was able to play two characters which opened a lot of first for me, that itself is a dream role for me.”

In addition, “Well, even if I have a chance to go into a parallel universe, honestly, I don’t want to go. It’ll be quite terrifying to meet with a person who looks exactly like me in the parallel universe, but if I have to go; then, I think I would want to try out the job that this other person is doing already because it must be something that this person is doing a great job in and also it is some, it could be a talent that I haven’t discovered myself here. But yeah, that that’s how I feel about going into a parallel universe.”

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Woo Do Hwan’s character in the story is something that his fans can look forward to.

He plays the role of Jo Yeong, emperor Lee Gon’s minder.

The two of them grew up together and as the eldest son of the family who comes from military officials, Jo Yeong task is to secure the safety of the emperor.

Meanwhile, Woo Do Hwan is known for his versatility and amazing acting skills from his previous films and dramas such as, Save Me, Mad Dog, Tempted, My Country: The New Age, The Divine Fury, and The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful.

His charismatic character and the bromance between him and Lee Min Ho will surely add spice to the drama.

See photos below.

Photos from Netflix

Woo Do Hwan ended his interview by expressing his gratitude and happiness by saying, “We hope The King: Eternal Monarch is a rewarding show to watch for everyone. We are putting so much into it to make that happen.”

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Are you excited to watch the premiere of The King: Eternal Monarch, bes?

Anticipate and watch it via Netflix!

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