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7 Reasons why Park Seo Joon and his works are addictive

Park Seo Joon is one of those Korean actors I’ve been idolizing for years because of overflowing reasons. People may say that it is mainly because of his looks but I beg to disagree.

Since the very first time I’ve watched him in a Korean drama, I couldn’t stop myself anymore on viewing his other works. I keep on looking forward to his new projects and just for me to see more of him.

I can clearly remember those days when he is taking up minor roles. The most memorable one for me is his character in Kill Me, Heal Me.

You may also have your own favorite drama or movie of him which is different from mine. You may also know a bigger fan of him than me. In my case, I am already happy watching him from a far and I am already in outburst joy seeing many people sending him love and support.

Why do you think Park Seo Joon and his works are so addictive? Here are some of the million reasons we have why we love and care for PSJ.

Undeaniable charm and charisma

If you take a look at Park Seo Joon, you might be able to see as well his undeniable charm and charisma. There’s something special with his appearance and overall “self” that attracts eyes and hearts of many people.

Then, as you look closer to his eyes, there’s a deep emotion that you can feel. His eyes actually also talks a lot about him, his feelings, and passion.

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Hard working

The good thing I really love about PSJ is his hard working side. You can always see and feel his dedication and passion to everything he does.

He tries other genre and dive to other things. Although others may say that it is his job, but his courage to take variety of genre and works are really admirable. In addition, his acting skills are really superb. He is not just acting but is actually pouring his heart and everything on it.


One smile, then I died. Only to be revived by you.

I know so many people who are die hard fans of Park Seo Joon and I am not that so showy about my love for him compared to them. There are times when I feel like I need to prove to others that I am really a fan of him. But what I’ve learned from PSJ is it is fine to be low-key—that admiring someone silently is not wrong. As long as you are being true to yourself and your feelings are real, that’s more than enough.

The way he smiles, it always reminds me that I don’t really need to worry about anything. Whenever I see him smiling, it also reassures me that there are so many things to be happy and thankful about.

For that, thank you, PSJ!

Warm personality

Park Seo Joon is known for his incredible fan serive. He always gives his best for his fans and tries to approach them sincerely when there’s a chance. Just a fact, did you know that he is also a gentleman? It is already proven for how many times and it flutters the hearts of many!

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Aside from that, PSJ is also known in the industry for being friends with other artists and people he worked with. He is also treating children with care and love, including his family!

This side of him, showing us his warm personality, is really making me proud of him. Who wouldn’t, right?

Good singer

Have you ever heard Park Seo Joon sing? If not yet, it is highly recommended for you to look online for the official sound tracks he sang!

All of those can suit to your morning, afternoon, evening, and senti time. His voice is really soothing to the ears which can bring warmth to our hearts.

His works are both breathtaking and full of lessons

For the past years that I’ve been watching Park Seo Joon’s dramas and movies, there’s the same thing I noticed. Do you know what probably is it? Yep, it’s about the good quality (or even more than being “good”).

Whether the genre is romantic, comedy, or action, it will surely leave you in awe. All of these are breathtaking in different ways which also give people life lessons.

Among his projects, the one which really leaves a great impact in my life is Midnight Runners. He proved here that serving people doesn’t end in providing what they need and expected from you. It is going beyond that—having deeper reasons and goals.

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Stress reliever

Both PSJ and his works are my stress reliever. Watching his dramas and movies have always been a good choice for me. He taught me how to properly love yourself and sincerely love somebody else, fight for what is right, and to strive for own dreams. Those pieces have always been so dearly and special to me. I laugh, cry, get goosebumps, and many more but at the end of the day, those are such great things to watch to relax myself.

To Park Seo Joon, happy 32nd birthday to you (in Korean age system, 31 in Philippine age system). You’ve come so far and I’m deeply proud of you along with your life achievements.

Thank you for being a sunshine to us and for bringing so many colors in our lives. You are more than enough to us and we are hoping that you can also see how worthy you are.

You might have faced struggles and mistakes in life but all of these do not define who you are—you’re more than that. May every little thing about your life be a source of your strength.

Keep on smiling and don’t forget to take care of yourself. You deserve everything in this world so do not hesitate to dive even more and achieve other things.

We got your back, always. We love you.

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