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Suho and Sehun celebrate Children’s Day as volunteers in Seondeokwon

In celebration to Korea’s Children’s Day, Suho and Sehun spent their day with the children of Seondeokwon, a children’s welfare facility yesterday, May 5, 2020.

Suho and Sehun are both members of the popular Korean boy group called EXO under SM Entertainment.

Sehun is known for his dedication with Seondeokwon. Despite his busy schedule, Sehun always find time just to spend a day with the children of Seondeokwon.

It’s common knowledge that EXO members support different campaigns that would help underprivileged people. In recent COVID 19 outbreak, two of EXO‘s members, Kai and Suho both donated 50 million won to their chosen organizations.

Meanwhile, Suho just released his solo album called “Self Portrait” last March 30, 2020 and announced his military enlistment to be on May 14, 2020. On the other hand, Sehun is busy with another season of his show on Netflix called “Busted” where Suho has also guested. Let’s continue supporting the two of them on their journey ahead.

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