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GUCCI Named EXO’s Kai as their first Korean Global Ambassador

Gucci recently announced their new Global Ambassador through their 2019 Fall/Winter eyewear campaign and it’s no other than EXO’s Kai.

Kai is not new to the modelling scene as he had done it on several occasions. Gucci released a couple of photos with Kai modeling their latest eyewear along with Ni Ni, a Chinese actress that was chosen to be Gucci’s female Global Ambassador.

Both Kai and Ni Ni now join the ranks of other famous celebrities like Harry Styles who also modeled for the said brand. You will see a lot of Kai’s handsome face in the advertising campaigns of Gucci starting with the Fall/Winter Collection of 2019.

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, voiced his decision in appointing Kai as the brand’s global ambassador as “The expression on a person’s face has the fascinating power to elicit a variety of imaginary reactions, giving off the message of a belief in your individual power.”

“In each of the photos, the ambassadors freely express their own belief, values and individuality with their own story,” he added as he describe the fall/winter 2019 eyewear campaign.

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It was known that Kai is no stranger with the brand as he proved it with his very first Instagram post which was dedicated to Gucci. He had also attended the brand’s Italian fashion show and even sat on the front row since 2018.

We wish the best of luck to Kai’s new endeavor and congratulate him as the new Global Ambassador for Gucci.

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