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SM announce EXO’s future activities + no changes in member’s line-up

SM Entertainment released an official statement on February 20 regarding EXO’s current situation and future activities.

The agency said that there will be no changes in the groups member line up.

Read SM Entertainment’s official statement:

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.
We would like to discuss the positions of EXO members and the company regarding the future direction of EXO.

As a management company of EXO, we have prioritized the opinions of the members on the important issues as well as the direction of the team and members’ activities.

Before the official announcement of the member Chen’s marriage, we discussed it with the EXO members, and since all of the members of EXO have suffered the loss of their members, they have expressed their intention to stay together. We also respect the opinions of these members and we want to let you know that there is no change in EXO members [line-up].

In addition, there are members ahead of military enlistment, so this year’s EXO activity was scheduled to focus on solo and unit activities planned since last year, and members’ activities will be released one by one.

EXO members will work as EXO, solo, unit, etc. in various ways, and they will reward fans’ love.

We will also do our best in every area to help EXO and its members grow further.

Thank you.

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