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EXO’s Suho personally confirms his enlistment this May 14


EXO’s Suho personally confirmed his enlistment this May 14 through Lysn.

He also thanked the fans who will stay beside him while he will be in completing his service.

Additionally, he also mentioned that he will miss EXO-Ls while serving in the military.

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EXO’s leader Suho to reportedly enlist on May 14 as the third member of the group to enter military.

According to the exclusive report of Star News on May 4, Suho will officially enter the military training center on the 14th of May.

He will be the third member from the group to do so, following Xiumin and Kyungsoo.

Recently, Suho mentioned that he participated in the filming of Busted Season 3 of Netflix during an interview.

Meanwhile, he has also been featured in the May issue of Allure Korea Magazine; wherein, he talked about his solo debut album, Self-portrait.

We are wishing all the best for Suho! Stay safe and serve your country well.

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