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Why “The Witch: Subversion” is a must-watch K-movie

Trigger warning: The movie is full of fighting scenes and bloodbath that may sensitive for you.

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Are you looking for action mystery-thriller Korean movie that is really worth your time? Then, I highly recommend The Witch: Subversion starring Kim Da Mi, Choi Woo Shik, and other veteran actors!

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The Witch: Subversion revolves around a girl name Ja Yoon (Kim Da Mi) who are living a normal life with her foster parents after they found her in the woods and in the verge of dying.

Since then, she lost her memories and now living an ordinary and happy life. But when she tries to untangle what happened to her past, she discovers an horrendous experience, and that changed her life in just a blink.

10/10: Must-watch Korean movie!

The Witch: Subversion is now my favorite action mystery-thriller Korean movie! It made me curious and be at the edge of my seat all throughout the screentime.

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Without any sugar-coated words, this movie is such a masterpiece! I don’t have any regrets sparing my two hours in watching this intense and worthwhile movie.

But come to think of it, two hours are not enough because I am craving for more thrilling action scenes, more of bloody scenes, and more of fighting scenes.


Daebak! The director, staff, the people behind this movie as a whole deserve a recognition!

I really love the story because I admit, I did not expect the flow of the story. We will never know where will the story go and it will literally leave us in an awe.

Other than that, the shifting of scenes, motions, and camera angles are perfectly positioned that made the movie even more intense and amazing!

Amazing Casts

The chosen casts to portay the characters of this movie are indeed talented. Kim Da Mi did prove herself as she completely nailed her character.

I must say that she can absolutely slay action movies and dramas despite her baby and innocent face. Her versatility to act as a baddass or a person who has rough personality is also shown in her recent hit-drama Itaewon Class.

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There’s no any doubt why she receives numerous awards in this movie, because even me, I can testify how amazing and great she is as an actress.

Moreover, there are also a lot of veteran actors and actresses that made the movie even more thrilling and worth-to-watch.

To add it all, The Witch: Subversion is a movie that will surely make your jaw drop. The part 2 is said to come this 2021.

What are you waiting for? Watch The Witch: Subversion now!

Watch the trailer below:

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