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Lee Jong Suk confirms special appearance on upcoming film, ‘The Witch: Subversion 2’

The production team of 2018 film The Witch: Subversion is now gearing up for season 2!

An official from South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk’s agency confirmed on November 24 the appearance of the actor in the said film after his military discharge early next year.

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Lee Jong Suk and Director Park Hoon Jung previously worked together in 2017 film VIP which Lee Jong Suk starred in; this will be their second time working together.

As the actor is currently in his military duties and expected to officially discharge on January 2 next year, his agency stated that he is set to be called off in December.

The Witch: Subversion 2 is the sequel of the 2018 film The Witch: Subversion starring Kim Da Mi and Choi Woo Shik that revolves around a girl name Ja Yoon (Kim Da Mi).

In the season 1, Ja Yoon is living a normal life with her foster parents after they found her in the woods and in the verge of dying, where she lost all of her memories.

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But when she tries to untangle what happened to her past, she discovers an horrendous experience, and that changed her life in just a blink.

The season 2 with the same action and mystery genre is expected to continue Ja Yoon’s journey in finding the truth about herself.

Moreover, as the film’s distributor has not been fixed following the Warner Bros. Korea’s recent withdrawal from Korean film industry, NEW decided to invest and distribute speeding its preparation.

Are you excited to see Kim Da Mi and Lee Jong Suk on screen, mga bes?

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