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3 k-drama facts you might not know

We love our k-dramas and we can’t help but notice every scene. It is such a blessing when they give us behind-the-scene footage of every episode. We cannot hep but realize, ah, right, this is just a korean drama.

However, these rare clips does not really give us all the hidden truths we need to know so here are 3 fun facts about some of our favorite dramas.

1. Doldam Hospital is filmed inside a studio.

If you love Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim then you will be very familiar to Doldam Hospital. In the drama, it is located in a remote area in the province. We all thought all those scenes were filmed in a rural area but hold up because it is actually filmed inside a studio.

All of the scenes inside the facility took place inside a studio. Gulat din ako bes! It was revealed on the variety show, Mom’s Diary, that they took all the shots inside a huge filming set. They did a really good job making it look like it is inside the hospital.

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Photos from Viu, Mom’s Diary (2020) , Episode 180

2. Seo Woo Jin is not a girl.

Photo Credits: @_angel_elijah_

Rising child actor Seo Woo Jin has been making a name in the film industry at a young age. He recently earned high praise in his amazing role in Hi Bye, Mama. Other than that, he is also adored by many because of his cheerful personality, undeniable charm, and great acting skills that captured everyone’s heart!

Seo Woo Jin’s versatility has already shown at a young age! Recently, he proves his natural skill in acting in his latest drama Hi bye, Mama. He portrayed the role of a girl that even draws confusion to the people about his true gender identity.

Photo Credits: @_angel_elijah_

Moreover, he is adorable as a boy and even as a girl wearing pigtails! According to his mom, Seo Woo Jin is a smart kid who understands very well what he is doing.

3. Song Joong Ki was not the first choice to play the lead role in Descendants of the Sun.

SongJoongki – Gastonspeaks

Descendants of the Sun was big hit worldwide. The actors were so great especially Captain Yoo Si Jin played by Song Joong Ki. However, did you know that he was not the first choice to portray Captain Yoo?

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It was initially offered to Won Bin, Gong Yoo, and Kim Woo Bin but they declined it because they had to cut their hair and it was a pre-produced drama. Nonetheless, everything worked out because Joong Ki did an amazing job!

Most of us did not know these things, so it’s nice to learn something interesting about our favorite k-dramas.

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