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4 things you need to know about Kim Soo Hyun’s new drama “It’s Okay to Not be Okay”

Are you ready for the comeback of Kim Soo Hyun Oppa in k-drama after 5 long years? Yes Bes, it’s been five years since his last drama The Producers!

It’s Okay to Not be Okay(also known as Psycho But It’s Okay ) is a fantasy romance drama that tells the story of a community health worker at a psychiatric ward who lives on 1.8 million won (approximately $1,520) a month and a storybook writer suffering from an antisocial personality disorder. A man who denies love and a woman who doesn’t know love defy fate and fall in love, finding their souls and identities in the process.

So get your feels ready because we are counting down “4 Things You Need To Know About Kim Soo Hyun’s upcoming drama “It’s Okay To Be Not Okay”.

1. This is his first drama project under his new agency

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Kim Soo Hyun ended his 10 years stay in KeyEast Entertainment after he finished his Military Service last year, and moved to his new home Gold Medalist early this year. Gold Medalist is a private multinational entertainment group talent agency founded in January 1, 2020. “It’s Okay To Be Not Okay” is the first drama for this newbie company.

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2. It’s his first cable drama

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This will mark as Kim Soo Hyun’s official comeback drama after five long years. Also, this is his first drama project under his new agency. Finally, after a series of cameos!

3. The drama will be available in Netflix

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Adding to the excitement is that the drama will be streamed in Netflix, meaning no need to wait the next day for subtitles. We can now enjoy this drama at the same time it airs in Korea. Yay! Time to renew our subscription eh!

4. His new role and his latest leading lady

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We have seen Kim Soo Hyun partnered up with amazing leading ladies so far like:

  • Go Hye Mi in Dream High
  • Heo Yeon Woo in The Moon Embracing the Sun
  • Cheon Song Yi in My Love from the Star
  • Cindy in The Producers
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And now playing as his latest counter part in the drama is Go Moon Young which will be played by Seo Ye Ji who is also his label mate under his new agency. In the drama, both their characters don’t believe in love which makes us think how will they eventually fall with each other right? Well, that adds more excitement for us!

Get your calendars ready on June 20 for It’s Okay Not To Be Okay!

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