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“Hi Bye, Mama” explains why the couple’s daughter is played by a boy

“Hi Bye, Mama” Explains Why The Role Of Kim Tae Hee’s Daughter Is Played By A Boy

Hi Bye, Mama received good reviews since its premiere last weekend, February 22.

One of the discussions since its premiere is that Kim Tae Hee and Lee Kyu Hyung’s daughter is played by a boy!

A source from the production team confirmed that the role is indeed played by a boy, and said, “We cast him because he looks identical to Kim Tae Hee and because of his stable acting skills.” Additionally, a source stated that some of the production team isn’t aware of this and was surprised as well!

Below is a photo of Kim Tae Hee (left) with her younger brother, Lee Wan (right).

Their daughter’s role is played by child actor Seo Woo Jin and has appeared in other dramas such as The Light In Your Eyes and Go Back Couple.

Check out his Instagram page for more adorable photos and behind-the-scenes from the drama!

We’re you surprised as well? Let us know!

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