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We all know Ji Chang Wook as the loving and caring son Donghae in Smile Again or Smile Donghae to naïve Emperor Togon in Empress Ki, the mercenary turned bodyguard Kim Je-ha in K2, the pianist Yoo In-ha in Five Fingers, an angel in Secret Love , a hardworking vegetable store owner in Bachelor’s Vegetable Store, Attorney Noh Ji Wook in Suspicious Partner, and of course, we can never forget him as Healer, he also play a bad student Soo- Il in Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp and an innocent man framed and accused of crime in Fabricated City. Aside from these there are still more k-dramas and movies he starred in.

From K-drama to movies, there’s no doubt that he’s one of versatile actors in South Korea. He can portray any role from comedy to action, thriller or drama. But wait there’s more, our oppa Ji Chang Wook is also a singer, actually he sang the OST for Empress Ki, Warrior Baek Dong Soo, Healer and Seven (7) First Kisses, a short web series by Lotte Duty Free mall where he is also one of the cast as himself. In addition, his musical or theatrical plays proved that he have a great singing voice that can make you say “daebak!” (awesome!). So I list down the musical plays where he showcase his talents as a theatre actor and a singer.

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1.The Days

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He starred as Mu Young in this musical first run in 2013 then reprised his role in the second and third or final run in 2014 and 2016 respectively. The part where he sang Even Though I Loved You is superb!

2. Jack the Ripper

He played the role of Daniel in this musical way back from the year 2013.

3. Brothers Were Brave

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Also in Year 2013, he made this musical Brothers Were Brave as Lee Joo bong.

4. Shinheung Military Academy

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This is a story of love for country and dying for it. Ji Chang Wook played Dong-kyu the poet who fought through his words and pen. Also, actor Kang Ha Neul is also in this musical. This is the second time they act together in a musical the other one is Thrill Me in 2011.

Already miss Ji Chang Wook? Me too! Don’t worry, we can see him again next month because he will be discharged from his mandatory military training this April 27, 2019. I really wish that we could also watch any one of his musical here in the Philippines and how wonderful it would be to see him in the flesh. ^^

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