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J-drama recommendation: “Perfect World”

“I don’t know if anyone’s perfect.
People can’t live on their own because they aren’t perfect.
That’s why they need someone.” – Tsugumi Kawana

I just finished watching “Where Stars Land” when I stumbled upon this Japanese drama. There was something about the title that caught my interest. As I read the plot and watched the few minutes of episode 1, I knew to myself that I would love this story.

The Story

Tsugumi Kawana (Mizuki Yamamoto) accidentally met her old classmate and first love Itsuki Ayukawa (Tori Matsuzaka) while delivering some documents to her boss. Memories of their time in highschool came flashing back. Unaware of what happened to Itsuki Ayukawa, she mentioned how great he was in playing basketball during high school.

Later on, she found out that Itsuki Ayukawa had an accident that left him paralyzed his lower body. She went to see Itsuki Ayukawa once again to apologize, and that incident marks the start of their friendship. Moreover, Tsugumi Kawana learns more about Itsuki Ayukawa’s feelings for her that keeps on growing since high school. But Itsuki Ayukawa vows that he will never love anyone, or go into a relationship or marriage with anyone after his accident.

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*A movie of the same title was released in 2018.

Love is more than a feelings and emotions.

This is definitely not the love story we usually watch. Itsuki Ayukawa always thought that he will be a burden to the person he will love because of his disability. It pains him even more to know that he can’t protect the person he will love, and these reasons stops him from being in love and be loved.

Tsugumi Kawana’s love is as strong as her willing to break the walls of Itsuki Ayukawa’s heart. She believes on her strength that she will do everything she could just to show what her love can take and do.

Tsugumi and Itsuki

These two deserves more than just acceptance. The chemistry that they have built even from the few minutes of episode 1 is really what made me decide to finish the drama. Tori Matsuzaka played his role as Itsuki Ayukawa so well that he would make you understand what a person with disability really thinks and feel. While Mizuki Yamamoto really embodied how much Tsugumi Kawana’s love can do. Despite of what the people thinks around her and most especially her father’s approval of their relationship, in the end they show them that their love is worth taking the risk.

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Nobody is Perfect

You will see a glimpse of reality in this drama on how some people treat and think about someone with disability as well as the struggles and feelings of someone with disability and how they overcome it.

Dreams Do Come True

Regardless of his physical restrictions, Itsuki Ayukawa was able to pursue his dream of being an Architect. He did not let his disability to get in the way of achieving his dream. Because of this, Tsugumi Kawana was able to get the courage of pursuing her dream as well.

My Thoughts:

With disability or not, nobody is perfect. We have our own weaknesses and imperfections. Just because you are not disabled, it does not mean you are greater than those who are. Your greatness does not come from your appearance nor does it became less because of physical disabilities, your greatness comes from what’s inside of you and how you treat other people. It comes from your attitude and your heart.

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If you want something different and a good cry, this one is for you. It will also help you understand more the people with disabilities. It is a  unique love story that will surely melt your heart.

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      1. Netflix, but in which country? Because some of them do not have English subs anyway, even on Netflix. For example Netflix Japan has this series but there are no English subs. I also loved Perfect World and I wanted to watch anyway so I watched it in Japanese :), though I could not understand much. I understood some of it because previously I watched the movie and I knew the story but I’d love to see it in English some day to appreciate it even more.

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