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“If You Cheat, You Die” starring Jo Yeo Jeong and Go Joon confirms release date

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Update as of July 20:

Jo Yeo Jeong and Go Joon’s new drama titled If You Cheat, You Die is scheduled to air in October under KBS 2TV, following Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.

The production staff also sent a message to the viewers saying, “We ask for your anticipation and attention as we will have a new drama full of laughter and new features that we have never seen before.”

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Update as of June 22:

A Woman of 9.9 billion star Jo Yeo Jeong and Oh My Baby actor Go Joon are confirmed to cast in KBS2’s upcoming drama If You Cheat, You Die.

KBS confirmed on June 22 that Jo Yeo Jeong and Go Joon will appear in If You Cheat, You Die together with Kim Young Dae, Jung Sang Hoon, Hong Soo Hyun, and Momoland’s Yeon Woo.

The said casts were seen on the same day attending the drama’s script reading.

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If You Cheat, You Die is scheduled to start airing this fall season.

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Original article:

Go Joon and Jo Yeo Jeong are currently in talks to star in KBS upcoming drama titled If You Cheat, You Die (literal translation).

Photo Source: Naver

If You Cheat, You Die is a KBS2’s new drama about betrayal and marriage. It is said to be a comedy-drama that will tackle the fearful experiences of adults who are guilty of doing bad things.

An official source from the drama station stated on April 28, “Jo Yeo Jeong And Go Joon will be the perfect female and male lead of the drama If You Cheat, You Die.

However, the agencies of Go Joon and Jo Yeo Jeong shared that nothing had been confirmed yet but the two are currently reviewing the casting offers.

In the said drama, Go Joon will reportedly be playing the character of Han Woo Sung, a successful divorce lawyer. He helps his clients who are suffering from the pain of love and divorce.

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Jo Yeo Jeong on the other hand, will be playing the role of Jang Yeo Joo, a novelist who writes mystery novels in which the characters die every one or three pages. She is also popular for being a brutal writer giving harsh and desperate punishments to male characters who commit cheating.

However, her everyday life is ordinary and actually happy unlike her mysterious and thrilling stories. She is married to a successful lawyer known as the Nation’s husband.

As of now, Go Joon is currently full swing on his new drama Oh My Baby while Jo Yeo Jeong just finished her recent drama Woman of 9.9 Billion and she is also known in her appearance in Parasite.

If these two will accept the offer, it would be more exciting!

Stay tuned for more updates, mga bes!

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