7 reasons why “Fight For My Way” is such a huge hit K-drama

Fight For My Way (Cover Photo)

Have you ever wonder why “Fight For My Way” suddenly trends again even if it was originally aired last 2017?

Upon watching Itaewon Class, the viewers are amazed by Park Seo Joon’s acting skillls and so they get curious on his other K-dramas.

Few weeks ago, “Fight for My Way” trends again in Netflix and Twitter along with “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”.

To further explain, here are the reasons why “Fight For My Way” is one of the most popular K-dramas out there.

It features the extraordinary friendship of the “Fantastic Four.”

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Ko Dong Man (Park Seo Joon), Choi Ae Ra (Kim Ji Won), Baek Seol Hee (Song Ha Yoon), and Kim Joo Man (Ahn Jae Hong) also known as “Fantastic Four” gave us a glimpse on how amazing their friendship is.

Despite of their crappy experiences in life, they still remain optimistic in facing it and they still continue to dream even when rejections always come on their way.

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They always inspire and support each other particularly in pursuing their own dreams.

Friendship goals indeed!

It talks about pursuing your passion.

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In this time where majority are confused in pursuing their passion and some are also lost in finding it, Fight For My Way definitely is both an eye-opener and inspiration for all of us.

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It reminds us that it is okay to experience struggles and sacrifices but at the end of the day, pursuing your passion is definitely one of the best choices that you’ll ever made in your life.

It has an amazing OST.

You will definitely fall in love with the OST particularly “Good Morning” by Kassy.

Others are “Ambiguous” by BTOB, “Fight For My Way” by Her Check, “Night is Gone, Again” by Ryu Ji Hyun, and more.

The OST perfectly matched the scenes that will definitely light up the mood in the drama.

Sul Hee: The Pure Girl

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Protect Seol Hee at all costs!

Her character is a genuine one who does nothing but to be good to everyone who’s around her.

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You will surely love her character as you watched the drama. Seol Hee will teach you to to be good and kind even when life is challenging you.

It is a comical drama but full of life lessons.

The favorite lesson that I’ve learned in this K-drama is that, we all have our own timings.

Life is neither a race nor a competition that you need to win. The real fulfillment and success is the contentment that we genuinely feel in our hearts just like when Dong Man pursued to be a MMA fighter as well as how Ae Ra dreamed of being an anchor.

Also, do not let other people bring you down. It takes a lot of courage to build yourself and to do what you love so don’t let other people ruin that.

“No matter what anyone says, you’re going to succeed.”

Choi Ae Ra

More importantly, you should also surround yourself with people who believe in you even when sometimes you’re having trouble in believing yourself.

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The Aegyo Couple

Never forget the aegyo of this powerful K-drama couple!

Years have passed but this duo will always have a special place in our hearts. Their chemistry is real, that’s why Dong Man and Ae Ra is indeed one of the powerful and popular couples in K-drama.

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It has Park Seo Joon.

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I may be biased on this but yes, simply because it has our RomCom master, Park Seo Joon!

You will certainly fall in love 10x with PSJ if you watch Fight For My Way!

“Fight For My Way” never gets old! The whole cast and production is indeed commendable for creating such an awesome K-drama.

If you haven’t watched it yet, then you should watch it now!

And for those who are currently watching rewatching “Fight for My Way”, you have a big contribution on making this K-drama trends again!

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