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Which Kim Soo Hyun character is your soulmate?

Kim Soo Hyun is well known for his indisputably excellent acting skills that put him on the A list Actors in South Korea. Every character he made is loved by everyone especially his fans around the world.

So, let’s see which Kim Soo Hyun’s character is your soulmate?

Song Sam Doing – “Dream High” (2011)

A country bumpkin music prodigy who is willing to do everything to make his dreams come true despite of having a rare disease.

Lee Hwon – “The Moon That Embracing The Sun” (2012)

King Lee Hwon is an intelligent, kind, and dedicated king to his subjects especially to the one he loves.

Do Min Joon – “My Love From The Star” (2013-2014)

He’s very cold and distant, an Alien Professor who doesn’t care with humans lives. Until he met the girl that looks exactly the same girl he loves 400 years ago and completely changed him.

Baek Seung Chan – “The Producers” (2015)

An aspiring prosecutor who graduated in Seoul University decides to join KBS because of his secret crush who’s an employee there. Then, becomes a cheeky rookie PD of 2 Days and 1 Night.

Han Jae Ta – “Jungle Fish” (2008)

A genius high school student.

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Kang Jae Il – “Father’s House” (2009)

He is a talented violinist who studied music in United States for 11 years.

Young Lee Sung Mo – “Giant” (2010)

Zampano – “The Thrives” 2012

A young handsome thief.

Won Ryu Wan – “Secretly Greatly” (2013)

Wan Ryu is a North Korean top agent that beats out his 20,000 competitors; he’s also linguistic who can fluently speak five languages and has an uncanny ability to read people. He was sent in South Korea disguised as a village idiot, Bang Dong Go.

Jang Tae Yeong – “Real” (2017)

A young successful owner of a huge casino with a dissociative identity disorder (DID).

Moon Kang Tae – “It’s OK Not To Be Okay” (2020)

It is the much awaited drama this 2020 the return of Kim Soo Hyun in the small screen after 5 long years to set this coming June 20.

He’s an orphaned caretaker who doesn’t believe in love who he is working in a psychiatric ward.

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