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Kdramas starring Park Seo Joon dominate Netflix’s trending spots

Three Kdramas of Park Seo Joon dominate the Top 10 trending series in Netflix!

Itaewon Class, Fight for My Way and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim are currently trending in Philippines based on the feature “Trending Now” in Netflix.

As of April 16, Itaewon Class is currently #4 in Netflix trend while Fight For My Way is at #7 and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is at #8.

Other Kdramas starring Park Seo Joon namely: She Was Pretty, Kill Me, Heal Me, Hwarang and Dream High are also available in Netflix.

Based on my personal observation, fans have no chill in watching and rewatching Park Seo Joon’s previous Kdramas because they loved PSJ’s role as Park Sae Royi in his recent drama, Itaewon Class.

Indeed, there are new recruited PSJ fans as they are charmed by Park Seo Joon’s aura and acting skills. So it is safe to say, welcome to PSJ fansclub!

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If you have plans in rewatching Kdramas starring our RomCom Master Park Seo Joon, go stream now in Netflix!

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