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LOOK: Seo Kang Jun is a Charismatic Police Officer on Upcoming Drama ‘WATCHER’

OCN drop Seo Kang Jun character teaser for his upcoming drama Watcher. The actor wears a police officer uniform and oozing with overflowing charisma.

We will be seeing a different side of Seo Kang Jun as he plays the role of Kim Young Goon a cold hearted police officer who does not want to associate with other people. Alongside Han Suk Kyu and Kim Hyun Joo.

This will be Seo Kang Jun’s first ever action-thriller drama since debut. We all know how he gives his best when it comes to portraying his character just like how he did in his previous dramas.

Watcher is set to air this coming July. Are you excited to see him again bes?

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