When it premiered on July 18, the fantasy-action series Alchemy of Souls made a name for itself around the world thanks to its unique and captivating plot about people discovering their destinies and falling in love in the process.

Ended with a cliffhanger and leaving viewers perplexed, it will now be back in its second season on December 10 with a big twist of the return of the real Naksu! With many stories left unfinished and questions left unanswered, here are some reasons why you can’t miss the second season:

1. Jang Uk, a changed person

In the first season, Jang Uk lived a sad and full of secret life as he did not grow up having parents and was unable to learn magical skills just like the other born prominent mages. Everything changed when he met his new master and became a powerful mage in a short period of time. He then learns to fight against the destiny he was born into.

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When Jang Uk returns to life after three years, he will be a completely different person, which will pique our interest in his plans and next steps after what happened to Mudeok.

2. The return of Naksu

After we witness the unveiling of Naksu’s tragic life and when she shifted souls into Mudeok’s, she will be back for real! Go Youn Jung will also be back portraying Naksu’s character. But what will happen now to her? How did she come back to her body? What happened to Mudeok? These are some questions to which we need answers!

3. The friendship

One of the highlights of the series is the bond the main characters build with each other. They understand not just what romantic love is but also the love that surrounds a friendship. The bromance relationships of Jang Uk, Seo Yul, Park Danggu, and crown prince Go Won are really unforgettable and endearing. Even Mudeok is part of the gang!

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After seeing the last scene in the finale of S1, will they still remain the same?

4. Various romances

Aside from its action plot-wise, there are also various love teams in the series! With Jang Uk and Naksu, will their love continue to grow or dissipate as she has a new appearance? We also have Park Danggu and Jin Cho Yeon; will their plans and bonds change after what happened? How about Park Jin and Maid Kim? Will others find their new love interests too?

5. The fate of everything

Alchemy of Souls is a one-of-a-kind series that will really make you sit and focus on the scenes. Its plot was really new in the Korean entertainment industry, with various sections that made everyone’s mind work.

With the epic story set to wrap up, the fate of the fantastical world of Daeho and all its characters remains the biggest question. What will happen to Mudeok/Buyeon? What will happen to this majestic realm we’ve thoroughly fallen in love with?

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Looking back to where season 1 ends, everything gets exciting and thrilling! If you haven’t watched the first season yet, it is your time and sign to watch it before season two airs!

The enchanting tale of the return of ‘Alchemy Of Souls’ continues on December 10 only on Netflix.

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