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“Itaewon Class” hits multiple trends on Twitter during the release of final episode

Screenshot credits to: Netflix and @allaboutPSJ

Itaewon Class definitely set the bar high as it happened to become the current favorite K-drama of fans evidently on its trending spots in Twitter and Netflix.

Fans have no chill in tweeting their thoughts and sentiments right after the release of its final episode.

The ending of Itaewon Class was surprisingly satisfying as it highlights every character’s roles throughout its episodes.

Additionally, due to the current enhanced community quarantine, Park Seo Jun Manila (a fan page dedicated to PSJ) had their own wrap-up home party to celebrate the success of Park Seo Joon and the whole Itaewon Class team.

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Personally, I highly recommend Itaewon Class not just because I am a big fan of PSJ but it is because of its life lessons, cast members, social class discussions, OST, lines, and everything.

Photo courtesy: @danbam.official

No doubt, Itaewon Class is incredibly a wholesome K-drama.

Hands down to its casts and production team!

Photo courtesy: @danbam.official

On the other hand, we will surely miss the Danbam fam and the new ship, Chestnut-Wildcat couple!

Screenshot from Netflix

Meanwhile, if you have not watched Itaewon Class yet, it is still not too late so stream it now on Netflix!

Screenshot from Netflix
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