6 Life-lessons we learned from “Itaewon Class”

As Itaewon Class reached its finale, we know that it would be hard to move on knowing that a very good K-drama has ended.

This drama tackles a wide range of reality and it leave us a lot of lesson that we can actually apply in real life.

In this article, we will tackle all the life-lessons we probably learned from Itaewon Class.

1. Do not give up on your dreams.

Screencap from the drama

Every invidual has our own sets of dreams or goals in life. Sometimes along the way we will encounter things that might test our determination in reaching out that goal.

However, if we just set our heart and mind into it nothing would be impossible.

Just like how Park Sae Ro Yi (portrayed by Park Seo Jun) deals with hardships before he eventually succeed in building up his own business.

2. The secret to a successful business is to value its people.

Screencap from the drama

As I watched Itaewon Class, I never thought that it would give me something to remember as I goes on with my daily life.

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It is not a story about revenge but it also shows how they deal and handle business.

In the final episode, during the shareholder’s meeting. Park Sae Ro Yi mentioned that business is not just about money but also about its people.

Successful business comes when your people are productive. What makes them productive? It’s when you treat them like a family and value them not just a mere employees.

3. Stocks and Investments.

Screencap from the drama

Stocks Investment was mentioned several times in Itaewon Class. Park Sae Ro Yi invest his late dad’s insurance into Jangga Co.

After watching, to be honest I become interested in stocks and business.

For some, it might be just an ordinary K-drama but bes it is definitely one of the best drama this 2020.

4. Accepting individual’s differences.

Screencap from the drama

Itaewon Class is a drama that has no room for racism and judgments. Every character in the story are different.

Ma Hyun Hyi, she is transgender but she doesn’t need to prove her worth to be like by many.

Toni, his color is different from a typical Korean even he is a half blooded.

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Seung Kwon, he is an ex convict who once thought that his life is already wasted not until he met Park Sae Ro Yi.

Jo Yi Seo, she might be the youngest in the story but that doesn’t stop her from being the asset of Danbam.

5. There’s always room for improvement and second chances.

Screencap from the drama

When DanBam has just started, Ma Hyun Hyi is not a very good chef. But this doesn’t stop her from doing her best until she made it, to be the best chef of Danbam.

As for Toni, even if he looks liked a typical African but he doesn’t know how to speak English.

Yet Toni worked hard to study language he can be a help to Danbam.

If you can still recall, Jo Yi Seo hired Toni because they think he can be an asset for the foreign customers.

Park Sae Ro Yi and Seung Kwon are ex convicts but they both did their best to live a good life.

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Additionally, as for Jang Geun Soo, he did something wrong for his friends in Danbam but he eventually repented and ask for forgiveness.

6. Happiness comes when you surround yourself with good people.

Photo from JTBC

On the final episode, Park Sae Ro Yi goes on with his life along with the people he love and value.

I know in every situation we are in, it’s not easy to forgive someone who did something wrong to you. It’s tough, but in order to move on we must forgive and life must go on.

There’s this saying “Time heals, all wounds“, it’s just a matter of time. With the help of good people around you. You can eventually succeed of living a happy life.

How about you bes? What are the life lessons you gained after watching Itaewon Class?

Feel free to share it with us in the comment section!

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