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Park Bo Gum’s finale cameo in ‘Itaewon Class’ made fans wish for a second season!

This post may contain unexpected spoiler(s).

Itaewon Class’ is over or so we think?

In its finale episode, fans were ecstatic to see Park Bo Gum who was earlier confirmed to appear in the series.

Bo Gum appeared with a short hair displaying his poging (handsome) looks!

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In the last episode, Bo Gum portrayed the role of the new chef when Oh Soo Ah (Kwon Nara) opened her new restaurant. Much to her surprise, she immediately blushed over her ‘new chef’ with amazement of his good looks!

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Park Bo Gum’s short appearance delighted the fans leading them to hope for a new season focusing on Oh Soo Ah and her new chef’s *hopefully* love story.

After the finale episode, fans and other news sites gave good reviews with Bo Gum’s appearance making them love the drama more.

What do you think about Park Bo Gum’s appearance bes? Should we petition for his separate drama with Kwon Nara?

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You can stream all episodes of Itaewon Class on Netflix’s app or their site.

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