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“Baseball Girl” confirms airing date + unveils main posters

Update: As of May 25

Production of upcoming film “Baseball Girl” confirmed its airing date and unveils main posters on May 25.

According from the report of News 1, Lee Joo Young film will air on June 18 in South Korea.

Check out the main posters below:

Photo from Naver
Photo from Naver

The photos shows the unique and fierce visuals of Lee Joo Young as the pitcher of her team.

With this, anticipation rises for the said upcoming film.

“Baseball Girl” will be Lee Joo Young’s first film following her appearance in “Itaewon Class”.

The actress also starred in other movies and dramas such as “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo”, “Something in the Rain” and more.

In addition, actor Kwak Dong Yeon and Lee Joon Hyuk also join the casting of “Baseball Girl”.

Are you excited, bes?

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Original Article:

Lee Joo Young upcoming drama “Baseball Girl” confirmed its airing date this coming June!

Photo from Naver

According from a report today, May 13. Lee Joo Young upcoming film confirmed its airing date which will be an entry in The 24th Busan International Film Festival this June.

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Baseball Girl” is a story about a genius baseball player named Joo Soo In (Lee Joo Young), she aims to join a professional team but not given a chance due to gender discrimination.

When she met her new coach Jin Tae (Lee Joon Hyuk) everything seems to fall into places.

Actor Kwak Dong Yeon also joined the casting of the said upcoming film as Lee Jung Ho. He will guide his friend Joo Soo In in achieving her goals to be a part of baseball professional team.

Lee Joo Young gained attention from fans after starring in JTBC’s drama “Itaewon Class” wherein she portrayed as a transgender.

She also made an appearance in 2016 drama “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Book Joo” as one of Lee Sung Kyung’s closest friend.

“Baseball Girl” is set to air this coming June.

Watch the trailer below:

Are you excited, bes?

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