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8 Reasons Why You Should Watch ‘Itaewon Class’

Itaewon Class is a drama from a webtoon series that airs new episodes every Saturday and Sunday on Netflix. It tells the story of Park Saeroyi and his sad connection with the Jangga Company. I don’t usually watch an ongoing drama because I hate it when an episode leaves me hanging and I have to wait five days to watch the next episode. Itaewon Class changed all that.

Reasons why you should watch Itaewon Class :

1. Park Seojun

If you love Park Seojun, you will love him more because of this. His acting was really amazing and the role really suited him well. His silent poker face makes him unpredictable and gives off the handsome bad boy but really soft aura. You want him to protect you but at the same time you want to protect him too.

2. Kim Dami

Kim Dami is amazing! Hands up, this girl can really get on your nerves but at the same time you will be in awe at how well she acts. I have watched her once in a movie called The Witch: Part 1, The Subversion and I was already amazed by her. She really fits the role of a very smart and intelligent woman who is nearing the border of being a psychopath but she is smart enough to know what she really wants and who she really is. Her honesty is something you will admire.

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3. Second Chances.

The story will show you this is not more than once. People having their own past, having their own problems and yet, they were able to find a way to live and be a better version of themselves. They just needed a place and a boss to believe that they can be better, that they have hope. A place where gender, past records or race is never an issue. To be honest, I wanted to apply here.

4. Dreams do come true. .

Everything that we see and enjoy right now started as someone else’s dream. iPod and iPhones are Steve Jobs’ dream. Starbucks was created because Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Siegel loved coffee and tea. These are examples of what we have now but all started as a dream. Park Saeroyi told Oh Soo-A that he will open a pub and he did. Dreams are there to keep us going. It may not be easy but it is not impossible. As long as your sights are clear and your will is strong, you will achieve it.

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5. OST.

I believe that every drama or movie needs that beautiful music playing in the background at the right moment. To heighten the feelings that the actors are trying to convey. I love music. The OST of this drama from the Intro, to the instrumental background up to the end song is just amazing. From artists like Lee Chansol who will capture your heart with “Still Fighting It”. That upbeat song by Gaho 시작“, that gives you hope that tomorrow is a better day. And Kim Woosung, of the band The Rose, with “You Make Me Back”.

6. Life.

Each one of us is living our life. But are we really living? Living and existing is not the same. The choices we make determines the path that we take. As long as we don’t hurt anyone along the way. Park Saeroyi made a choice and so did Geunwon. Don’t blame others for the choices that you make, because they did not made that choice, you did. Itaewon Class really shows you these choices and makes you realize, are you really making the right choice now?

7. It is not your usual drama.

It’s not only about love, or about someone’s dream. It is about what happens in someone’s life. It is not about tragedy because Park Saeroyi did not stay as a victim. He fell so many times and yet he stood up over and over again. He did not and is not giving up. It gives hope to the hopeless and even the smallest thing can change someone’s life. Because every one of us is looking for that silver lining. It is out there somewhere, we just have to find it.

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8. People

This is what I love about the drama. The people. The diversity of the people in the story makes it so close to reality. Like when Seung-Kwon said “Who will hire an Ex-convict?” Or how being a transgender affect anyone’s acceptance of a person. Or how a smart girl is not cool enough to hang out with. Or when rich people abuse their money and get away with everything. These are all sad realities. And I love the way that this drama has touched these issues.

I hope that I have convinced you to watch this drama with these reasons. Join me with my suffering of waiting for the next episodes. ✌️✌️😉

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