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Web Drama Recommendation: “The Universe’s Star”

“The Universe’s Star” is a 2017 web drama starring Kim Junmyeon, also known as EXO’s Suho, and actress Choi Ji Woo.

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It is a web drama about an idol named Woo Joo (Suho) and his fangirl Byul (Choi Ji Woo). It consists of six episodes which you can finish in just three hours.

This drama will give you a variety of emotions. You will laugh, cry and feel loved at the same time.

If you are looking for a short drama where you can finish in one sitting, then try to add this drama to your watch list.

Note: Plot may contain spoilers.

Plot Summary

Byul is Woo Joo’s fangirl. On the way to his concert, Byul met an accident and died. She became a grim reaper afterward.

After seven years of being a grim reaper, Byul discovered that Woo Joo is about to die before the first snowfall.

She and her ghost friend decided to follow Woo Joo around to secure his safety. But the thing is grim reapers are not allowed to meddle with humans.

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~Following oppa in his house😂~
[Screen cap from the drama]

Byul came back to life after she saved Woo Joo. Her task is to protect him until they reach the first snowfall provided that she wouldn’t do the seven things she wrote in her diary.

Will Byul be able to prevent Woo Joo’s death? Or will she be the reason for his death?


This drama is already on my watch list for the time being. After some time, I finally decided to give it a shot. And I got to love everything in this drama.

“The Universe’s Star” is an interesting web series. Aside from the fact that it stars EXO’s Suho. It tackles the way we live and the things we should do for our loved ones.

Below are the things I learned from watching “The Universe’s Star”:

Appreciate life

This is an eye-opener for all of us that no matter how hard life is. All we have to do is to cherish everything while we still have it so we wouldn’t have any regrets. We cannot turn back time once it passes.

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Spend time with your loved ones

Spend your time with the people who inspire and give you joy. Death will always be the end of life. And it has always been inevitable.

We do not know when will it be, but for as long as you enjoy your life and serve God, you have nothing to worry about once its time to go.

Do things that make you happy

People only live once in this lifetime. We must not hinder ourselves from the things that make us happy.

As for Woo Joo, being an idol is really hard. We all know that this is somehow relatable to the life of our K-pop idols, actors and actresses.

I am happy that Woo Joo decides to follow what his heart wants. I believe that a true fan will always understand and support her idol for the sake of their happiness.

Fangirls’ and fanboys’ love

As a fangirl myself, I can always relate to Byul. The way she stans Woo Joo is kind of similar to all of us. Fangirls’ and fanboys’ hearts are pure. We give love without expecting something in return. We invest our time, effort, money to support our idols.

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Byul is very blessed in the story. She got to experience being loved back by her idol. Don’t be confused bes, it is just a fictional story. But still, we don’t know where our fangirling/ fanboying journey could take us.

~Fangirl padin kahit grim reaper na~
[Screen cap from the drama]

Annyeong Oppa motto is “Feels lang ng feels hanggang dalhin ka ng feels sa harap ni oppa“. I know things will always happen in the right place and time. Let’s claim it bes!

If you love web dramas, then this drama is definitely for you.

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