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GUIDE: 9 unique experience you can try in South Korea!

Unique experiences you should try when you visit South Korea!


  • In order to visit South Korea, you need to have a VISA. Here’s how you can get one. Click this to read. 
  • If you don’t want to get a VISA, you can visit Jeju Island. They don’t require VISA.
  • You can also avail the Group Tour Visa System. 

It’s hard to be on another country without internet. So make sure you avail one beforehand so you can stay connected.

  • If you are traveling alone, we advise you to purchase the 4G sim card. Also, when you need a contact number, it will be easier if you have one and you don’t need to return it after, which means no deposit money. BUY YOUR 4G SIM CARD HERE. 
  • If you are traveling by group, you can purchase a pocket wifi. You will need to pay a deposit via card, of course it will be returned to you after. BOOK YOUR POCKET WIFI RENTAL HERE. 

There are many ways you can navigate South Korea but here are the most common ways to travel around the city. 

  • By subway. This is the most common and efficient way to maximize your stay. TIP: download their subway app (Kakao Metro), it’s easier and you know how much is your fare as well as your travel time. However, you can also check their offline maps, though if you can’t read korean, it will be harder. You can always ask around but believe me, just download the app.  You will also need a T-money, this is like our BEEP card. BUY YOUR T-MONEY HERE. 
  • You can use your T-money to pay for transportation fares and also to pay in convenience stores. 
  • By bus. If you need to the bus, you will need to make sure you are taking the right bus. Make sure to check the routes first. Always tap your T-money before and after riding it. BUY YOUR T-MONEY HERE.
  • By taxi. Of course, expensive ones. Sometimes, you can’t help but take a taxi. Just make sure to choose the yellow ones and not the premium ones. they also accept T-money. Some drivers don’t speak English at all so make sure to know where you are going and prepare the address in korean so it’s easier for you and the driver. BUY YOUR T-MONEY HERE.
  • Remember: Subways and Buses runs from 5:30 am to 11:00 pm. There night buses though but it’s rare. 
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If you are a tourist and you are traveling anywhere from NAIA, you will need to pay Php1,620 per person for travel tax. The airport accepts card but sometimes their machines are offline so you will need to withdraw cash from their ATMs. 

Unique Experience

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📍 Ikseondong Vintage Experience
Release your inner Jang Man Weol and wander around Seoul wearing retro clothes!
 Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST


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📍Running Man Experience
Be a runner and feel the thrill of being in Running Man! The whole challenge will last for an hour.
 Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST

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📍Historical Kdrama Tour
Feel like youre inside a historical kdrama while walking around the palaces in your hanbok. Tip: There’s no entrance fee when you’re wearing hanbok so make sure to maximize your experience and rent one.
 Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST

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📍Jjimjjilbang Experience
Experience authentic korean traditional bathhouse/sauna. Do that towel fold and make sure try their salt spa and feel detoxified all over. Must try ‘to bes!
 Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST

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📍Ski/Snow Experience
Skiiiiiiii! I personally love this ski place because it’s a tour and everything is set na. Also, filming location rin ‘to ng Legend of the Blue Sea and Running Man.
 Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST

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📍MBC World Experience
Take photos beside your favorite kpop/kdrama stars, watch hologram concerts, dance with your favorite idols, be a newscaster, and a lot more. Super solid nito bes! Must try!
 Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST

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📍SBS Kpop Show Live Experience
Watch a kpop broadcast show live! Have a chance to see your favorite kpop idol live!
 Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST

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📍Everland Experience
Feel like a child. Nandito rin yung roller coaster na made of wood. Yung laging nafefeature sa kdramas and variety shows.
 Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST

📍Lotte World
If you want to experience roller coasters without going out Seoul. You can visit Lotte World!!!! Disneyland version ng Korea!
 Book it here:

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📍Grevin Experience
Take realistic photos beside celebrities’ wax figures. Sakto lang, syempre excited ako dun sa mga may Oppas haha!
✔ Book it here:
Discount code bes: TJ8ST



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