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LOOK: Here’s the Updated Korean Visa Processing System

Planning to visit Korea soon? There’s been some changes on the South Korean Visa processing system. Be well informed and read about them below.

Submit your visa application documents at least 45 working days before your flight schedule.

Last year, the Korean Embassy announced that they will only accept Visa applications through designated travel agencies. This was done because of the sudden upsurge on the number of visa applications and the Embassy probably had a hard time with the huge number of applications.

However, with the current huge popularity of the Korean culture here in the country, the number of applications probably kept on increasing so the Embassy decided to further adjust the processing period. As of December 2019, here are a few things to note if you have a scheduled trip soon:

1. Starting September 9, 2019, Express or Expedited Visa option for regular applications was discontinued.

2. The Embassy NO LONGER EXEMPT the ITR requirement of those whose only OECD travel is Japan.

3. On September 11, 2019, the Korean Embassy posted this notice:

“From Sep. 12, 2019, visa processing period of temporary visitor’s visa(C-3) will increase from 10 days (for both first time and frequent travelers) to expected additional date gradually due to increase in number of Korean visa applicants. We will announce the releasing date on the Embassy homepage every Monday. Also ask the agency about the exact releasing date on the claim stub after applying.

But the following applicants can apply for the express visa with visa fee P1,000 and its will take 5 working days to get the result.

1. The applicant who is invited by Korean government and public agency
2. The applicant who is invited by Korean company, school and organization
3. The family members of Korean(parents, spouse, children, family of spouse, etc.)
4. The applicant who needs urgent medical treatment, with accidents and with humanitarian reason

For those who wish to apply for Korean visa, please consider the changed processing period and submit your visa applications early.

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4. On September 16, 2019, the Embassy posted another notice that increases the ten (10) working days processing period to a maximum of thirteen (13) working days.

5. Currently, Travel Agencies are given a limit of 120 applications per day. Because of this, your application will probably stay at the Travel Agency for 10 – 15 working days before it can be submitted to the Korean Embassy.

6. Once your application was received by the Korean Embassy, it will approximately stay there for 20 – 30 working days.

But there are cases when applicants are requested to submit additional requirements. Also, once your application was submitted to the Embassy, you cannot pull it out for whatever the reason is.

7. Their multiple entry promo for BDO and BPI credit card holders is still ongoing and you can know more about it here.


8. There’s a new Visa Application Form that you can download here.

9. Shorter processing time!

On JANUARY 20, 2020, the embassy posted this notice:

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So by the end of February, we can finally expect a shorter visa processing time of only 10 – 15 days.

For the list of visa application requirements click here.

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