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Let’s Stay Calm and Listen to Tiffany Young!

“For endings brings new beginnings.”

As Tiffany Young‘s Magnetic Moon concerts come to end, a new concert tour opens. Catch Tiffany as she opens her heart out to her fans with Open Hearts Eve Part 2. Aside from Manila, she will also be visiting Taipei and Tokyo.

Photo by Tiffany Young

To prepare us for that special night, here are some of Tiffany’s songs.

1. “I Just Wanna Dance”

2. “Over My Skin”

3. “Teach You”

4. “Peppermint”

5. “Born Again”

6. “Lips on Lips”

7. “Runaway”

8. “Magnetic Moon”

9. “Run For Your Life”

10. “Heartbreak Hotel”

She has a very beautiful voice, doesn’t she?

Here’s a Spotify Link for an easier access.

Let’s all Open our Hearts with her and join her on January 25, 2020 at the New Frontier Theater.

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