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5 Gift Ideas for K-Fangirls/Fanboys

Another celebration calls for another season of giving and sharing your blessings to your family, friends and other people. But sometimes it can be quite hard to decide what to give to them considering the time, money, effort and their preferences.

If you happen to have friends or family members who are fans of Kdrama or Kpop, then here’s a list of some of the things that you could give to them.

1. Kdrama or Kpop Merchandise

Commonly known as ‘merch’, Kdrama or Kpop merch can be a good gift to give. Just make sure that you know the preferences of its recipient like who are their Kdrama oppa or Kpop bias. Merch comes in different forms like shoes, shirts, posters, calendars, socks, albums, lightsticks, cosmetics, etc.

Nowadays, you can easily find various merch in malls and online stores. But if you are looking for authentic official merch, I suggest that you look for a trusted shop to get the best value for your money.

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The cost starts at Php100.

2. Access to Their Favorite Drama Series/Shows/Songs/Concerts

If you could give them streaming access to their favorite Kdramas, movies, variety shows, music and concerts then surely it will be very much appreciated but it might be hard for you to talk to them again while they are binge-watching.

3. Concert or Fanmeeting Tickets

It’s an ultimate dream of any fangirl/fanboy to see and watch their favorite artists live. This dream can be costly most of the time so giving fangirls/fanboys free concert or fanmeet tickets will surely make them happy.

Cost starts at Php2,500

4. A Trip to South Korea

This gift can be very expensive but will be a dream come true to its recipient. A tour package is more expensive so you could opt for a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) tour.

Cost starts at P15,000 (DIY)

5. Acceptance

Giving all those previously mentioned gifts is great but nothing is greater for K-fangirls/fanboys than to know that you accept them and their fascination with Kdrama and Kpop.

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It’s sad but true that there are still some who mock people who are into Kdrama and Kpop. If we could just accept each other’s preferences and could teach people to do the same, we could have an amazing world where negativity could not grow and foster and Kdrama/Kpop fans would have smiles on their faces.

Cost: It’s FREE!

Giving isn’t about the cost of gifts but the thought behind doing it. Let us all be grateful for every gifts that we can give and receive!

If you are not a fan yet, here are 10 things that your Kdrama/Kpop fan friend would want to say to you.

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