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LINE FRIENDS and BT21 are finally in the Philippines!!!

Yesterday, I was able to experience the magical world called LINE PH. To be honest I am still experiencing sepanx from it. It was my dream to go to a LINE physical store, to see the display filled with the famous LINE characters like Brown, Cony and Sally that I use to see only on TV because of my daughter. I’m sorry, but being an ARMY the highlight for me was to see my BT21 babies.

Yep you heard it right, ARMYs. Our BT21 babies are now here.

This is not just a pop-up store. It’s a LINE store that is meant to last for a long time. Placed beside the escalator and just a few steps on the left from Robinson’s Manila Main Mall Entrance, in front of Starbucks (Level 1 Midtown Wing). If you’re using Grab, just choose Robinson’s Manila Main entrance and you will have no hassle to finding it.

The Launching of LINE store here in the Philippines was hosted by VJ Sunny of MYX Philippines. Her bubbliness and beautiful smiles completed the ribbon cutting or pulling of LINE Philippines that marked 25th of October year 2019 as the official opening of the First LINE Store in the Philippines. The ribbon cutting was lead by Miss Winnie Go – President of WCG Beon Yeong Company Inc., Mr. Kevin Na – President GAIA Southeast Asia and Mr. Bryan Koo – Retail Director of LINE FRIENDS. As the ribbon was pulled and Sally was revealed, every one was excited to finally be able to roam around the magical haven called LINE.

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VJ Sunny

Miss Winnie Go, Mr. Kevin Na, and Bryan Koo (Not in any particular order)

A Brown Mascot and A Tata Mascot also joined the festivities making a lot of people happy even by just looking at them or having their picture with them.

500 lucky customers who waited in line for LINE PH to open, were given BT21 balloons. They were also given a chance to win LINE products when they win games that were prepared for them.

Here are some of the winners!

The moment I saw the wonderful BT21 balloons, it was hard to contain myself but I did. The products that I only see online are now within my reach. I literally look at every corner to see what they have to offer. Some within my budget, while some have to wait until Christmas.

We have also inquired about mode of payments. As per Miss Mela Fortes, LINE Brand Marketing Person, You have an option for Cash or Card, Gcash (not yet installed that day but soon), and PayMaya (to follow). More options of payment more chances for merch as ARMYs say.

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Here are the racks of LINE Philippines. Some I have the prices while the others does not have any price tag yet. But don’t worry, because the kind Line Helpers are there to assist you with everything that you need.

Happy Shopping!

Airpod Case : 880.00 php

BT21 Cable : 820.00 php

Glitter Tumbler : 1060.00 php

BT21 Brush : 830.00 php

BT21 Plush Bag Charm : 770.00 php

BT21 Travel Strap : 770.00 php

BT21 Holder Stick : 700.00 php

Pens Range from 60 php to 470 php

BT21 Figure Keychain : 650.00 php

BT21 Summer Standing Plush : 1180.00 php

BT21 Eco Bag : 1470.00 php

BT21 PVC Shoulder Bag : 1770.00 php

BT21Beach Bag :1180.00 php

BT21 Sling Bag 1060.00 php

BT21 Tote Bag 1060 php

BT21 Pattern Ecobag 870.00 php

PLAY LINE FRIENDS is a sub-franchise brand for flexible global expansion of the LINE FRIENDS brand. Its model store opened on October 9, 2019, in Insa-dong, Seoul, Korea. Manila is the first overseas PLAY LINE FRIENDS store. The brand did a market test with BT21 store last December 2018 and the enthusiastic response of the Filipino fans was impressive.

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Aside from the original collection, BROWN & FRIENDS, BT21 will also be available at the store.

The next LINE store is opening in the new Ayala By the Bay Mall this 2019, with more expansion plans for 2020.

To know more about PLAY LINE FRIENDS and its upcoming stores, products, and promotions, follow on Instagram and Play Line Friends on Facebook or visit

Welcome to the Philippines LINE 😊

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