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LOOK: These are Hailed as the Best KDrama Streaming Websites/Apps, According to True KDrama Fans!

The fans have spoken and chose their own bets! Which is hailed the BEST KDrama streaming website/app?

When a KDrama finally releases its first episode, it is a must for a KDrama fan to search all throughout the Internet, or even the App Store, the best website or application that best fits their KDrama watching quirks.

All of us fans watch the same KDrama, but we all have different preferences on where to watch it, when to watch it, and how to watch it.

There are so much debates online whether, “What is the best KDrama Streaming Website/Apps?”.

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And now, finally, we’ve come to get the best websites/apps from thousands who’s on the list.

Through an online poll, we asked real KDrama fans their answers and opinions and we got the Top 5 websites/apps:

Top 1: KissAsian

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Every KDrama fan knows this website since it has been years that they serve the freshest, latest, and well-subbed KDramas.

Although it is confusing since they always change their URL link, fans still love it because of its completeness–whether Korean Movies, K-Variety Shows, and even other Asian dramas.

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Fans love this website as well because they are the fastest when it comes on uploading the latest dramas and the fastest on putting subtitles.

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Top 2: Viu

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Fans love Viu so much since it offers premium quality KDramas and it is more convenient since it is an app that can be downloaded.

Viu’s service is run in premium subscription and ad-supported freemium model. Viu premium subscribers are able to enjoy full 1080p HD quality videos, unlimited download without any ads interruption.

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Meanwhile, Viu freemium users will continue to have access to platform’s huge catalogue of content for free.

Top 3: Netflix

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Not only that Netflix offers International Movies and Shows, it also provide Korean Dramas that are well-subbed and high in quality.

Netflix even created a sub-category for KDramas so that their subscribers can easily find it for stress-free watching.

In order to enjoy Netflix‘s perks, KDrama fans should subscribe to the app with varying prices, from solo accounts to family accounts. With that, fans can download KDramas inside the application so they can watch it offline still with premium quality.

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They also have an online streaming so that fans can enjoy in desktop mode.

Top 4: DaebakDrama

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DaebakDrama enters our list since fans like it so much because it is hassle-free and it offers everything you need.

This website might not be on its spotlight, but trust me, it is the best website to watch a good KDrama when you are just starting.

Top5: DramaCool

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Last but definitely not the least, DramaCool catched the hearts of KDrama fans since it offers a hassle-free accessing and immediately block unnecessary pop-up ads.

Moreover, DramaCool’s website is a certified beginner-friendly to all starters of KDrama.

For you, what is the best KDrama streaming website/app? Let us know in the comments! Share your feels!

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