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Taiwanese film recommendation: “More Than Blue”

“If love can be explained no one in the world would suffer from it.” – K

More Than Blue (2018) is a Taiwanese  movie adaption of the Korean Movie of the same title. The cast includes Jasper Liu as Chang Che-kai/K, Ivy Chen as Song Yuan-yuan/Cream, Bryan Chang as Yang You-hsien, and Annie Chen as Cindy.

Two lonely people met, making their world less lonely as they find each other. Chang Che-kai works for a recording company while Cream is a song lyrics writer. After an incident in school they decided to live together and slowly they each fill in the emptiness and loneliness that each one of them feels.

When you found the one you love, your soul mate but time was not good enough to make it blossom? What would you do? A terminally ill man, Che-kai wanted to make sure that his best friend and love of his life, Cream, would be able to have a stable life with someone who will be there for her. His quest of finding that perfect person for the woman of his dreams as he battles against time.

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My Thoughts :

It’s been a while since I watched a Chinese/Taiwanese film. Unexpectedly, I was able to finish it.

For some this love story might seem cliché without considering the characters feelings and perspective. To be honest, I was like that in the beginning until I heard these lines :

“If love can be explained no one in the world suffer from it.” – K

“I realized that two lonely souls as long as they can stay with each other, can have the right to be happy.” – Cream

I haven’t watched the original version of this movie which is a Korean Movie. I have downloaded it to check if the feelings I have for this movie would be the same as the feelings I will have with the original version.

The story is actually simple. A tragic love story that was meant to break your heart. It will make you question your decisions if you were placed under the same situation. Would you do it the smae way they did? Or would you do it differently?

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I also question the concept of selfish love. What does selfish love really means? Would thinking about the happiness of the person you love counts? And could you really say that your decisions will make that person happy? Or are you just making yourself believe that they are indeed happy so that you can find peace?

One thing I learned about this drama was you’ll never really know unless both of you are brave enough to be honest and accept the truth as it really is.

All in all I love it. The sacrifices they made would be the same sacrifices I would do if I were in the same situation as they were except for Cream’s last sacrifice. You may never understand why I say these things, but “If love can be explained no one in the world suffer from it.” – K

The OST of the movie “A Kind of Sorrow” made it’s watchers feel the emotions that the movie was trying to convey.


What do you think? Share your thoughts. Would love to hear it. 😍💜😉


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