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Good Day in Manila: Park Bo Gum Serenades Filipino Fans With “Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat”

Our every day is still a GOOD DAY because of Park Bo Gum!

On June 22, Park Bo Gum completed his Asia tour with Good Day in Manila as his last stop.

Bogum had many sweet interactions with his fans and communicated with them by speaking English as much as he can.

Fans were blessed with Bogum’s amazing performances that showcased his singing and dancing skills.

What else? He also played the piano, and covered the Tagalog song “Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat” – originally sung by Danille Padilla – to serenade his fans and make them feel more special.

Bogum didn’t forgot to thank his fans for supporting him and attending his fan meeting. He wished them to always be safe and shared God’s grace with them.

Moreover, fans were really astonished by his energy on his fan-meeting-slash-concert here in Manila. They were beyond happy to get to see him having fun and interacting with them on stage!

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Lastly, this fan meeting wouldn’t happen without the much effort Ovation, TNT, and ParkBoGumPH have put together to make that magical night work! Kudos, everyone, and to more fan meetings to come!

What are your thoughts, mga bes? Have you already moved on from Park Bo Gum’s fan meet or are you still living in the moment? Let us hear your sentiments on the comment section below!

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